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Re: San Antonio's Mad Scientist Tire Academy

Originally Posted by WhiskeySmith View Post
I would love to take you up on this offer, but I do not currently own a set of tire spoons. I would like to buy some, but do not know which set best fits my needs. Would it be possible to use your set of tire spoons for the initial Academy visit?-Carl
Absolutely. The spoons I've settled upon are made by Motion Pro. I use three of their tire spoons. Two regular spoons, and one that has a wrench side for the 27mm nut on the rear axle of my KLR.

You've hit upon another reason to come over here - try my stuff before you build your own road tire repair kit. My list of tools morphed over time, from reading threads on twtex and ADV, watching true experts on the road, benefitting from folks like JT who invented to tube grinder, and so on. You may want to copy what I have, or decide that you have something better that fits how you wrench. What matters is what works for you.

All you need is your motorcycle. We can spoon on a new tire(s) if that's what you need done, or for experience only, we can spoon off and back on one of your existing tires.

General Comment: To be proficient on the trail one has to do this at least a few times to develop the muscle memory needed. Someone with this skill and a complete tire kit will be the go-to guy out there. You'll enjoy your trips more, knowing that you're capable of handling your own tire issues.
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