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Re: San Antonio's Mad Scientist Tire Academy

Originally Posted by WhiskeySmith View Post
How do I sign up for the next session?
Just PM me and set up a time.

I've got the next two weeks free now that I'm home from Honduras, before I hit the road again.

You just need your dirt bike and any special tools required by the manufacturer to remove the rear and/or front tire.

If your bike doesn't have a center stand, we'll put it up on the lift for convenience, but all of the tire changing itself is done on the ground on a tarp, just like on the trail. We're practicing for the real world, not the garage.
If we have to use the lift, we'll talk about ways to prop the bike up when on the trail. I'll show you what RG made with his welder to give you an idea of what you can do.

Originally Posted by WhiskeySmith View Post
Based on M38A1's post on your July 9 BBQ event and your KLR Doohickey sessions, it sounds like you are quite busy these days. How do you find time to help everyone out?
It's selfish. The vast majority of people I find interesting these days own motorcycles. Paying it forward is another way to look at it.
Valentino Rossi met me
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