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Re: San Antonio's Mad Scientist Tire Academy

Originally Posted by W5PY View Post
Because patches won't stick to slimed tubes?

Trade-off could be argued both ways. Sliming the road tube and carrying un-slimed spares covers both scenarios for trips in the boonies.

Just a thought for this potentially religious discussion...
I'll put it this way - I'm in the Ron Camp (Thumper Tx)

I've slimed and ridden without slime - hands down I'd rather deal with a tube without slime in it if I have to attack it flat and oozing green goop.

For this academy, we practice the mechanics of getting a flatted dirt bike back on the trail, from the perspective of what you have with you (or should) trailside.

If folks want to slime their tubes I'm not going to do anything other than to tell them why I don't recommend it anymore nor demonstrate it here. And I've got plenty of slime left over from those days if anyone wants to claim it.

For the record, for anyone else for whom Slime is a religion, preach it brother and may the thorn angels be with you ()

The last thing you'd want to see is someone who slimes their tubes and relies on the belief that they don't need to learn how to remove and/or patch a tube because "slime will take care of it".

In other words, I'm just helping people learn and practice how to remove a wheel and remove a tube and either replace it or patch it. If they want to go home and add Slime to the equation more power to them, I just have my very good reasons for not doing it. Others may have just as good reasons for doing it.

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