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Re: How to include images in your posts

Let's back up just a bit....

Having pictures on your computer is one thing. You can attach them from your own computer much like the three shots a few posts back. But they are attachments to viewers and have to be clicked to see a somewhat larger version. If you're not logged in, you don't even see the pictures, just 'attachments' as a link you then have to sign in to click and view.

Having them hosted at a host site such as shutterfly, smugmug, flickr or photobucket is another option most everyone uses. That allows the pictures to be pushed up from your computer to THEIR site, then you grab the internet address of the picture and post that in THIS site. The viewer won't have to click any little pictures and larger versions display automatically regardless if the user is logged in or not.

Any of them are fine, and you said your pictures already on shutterfly, right?

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