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Re: How to include images in your posts

There would be no way to transfer pics from your existing shutterfly account to another easily. You mentioned you have a new computer, but am I to assume you don't have your data/pictures loaded on that new machine?

My understanding is, that you'll have to have the images on your computer or at minimum a CD/media stick to upload them from to the new host (flickr in your case).

So..... ASSUMING you have all your images on a computer you can connect to the internet with or a disc/stick for a computer that can connect, it should be fairly easy. Just open the new flickr account, create an album (I think you get three albums for their "FREE" enrollment) then start uploading via their uploader the images.

In some respects, that's why I like Photobucket. You get to have as many albums as you want and you're only limited by space used, something like a couple GB of data I recall.

All it takes is an email address for either.

One thing to consider is how long you think you'll be tied to that photo host or your images. Once you start with one, you're sort of tied to them to at least log-in every so often to keep the account active.

Or.... you pick something like Flickr Pro or Smugmug which are Pay-For sites and pay an annual fee for them to host your images.

But for now, we've got to get the account somewhere for you in order to start creating albums to upload pictures to....

Follow so far?

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