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Re: BMW Motorcycles Woodlands

Originally Posted by 2N2OUT View Post
So, to follow up on this mess.

Went to TXDOT, they never issued the title because the dealer failed to complete the paperwork properly. I called Montgomery County Tax office and spoke to the nice lady that had the paperwork. She said they failed to complete it properly, and had ignored multiple letters to the dealership telling them my title work was incomplete.

Called the dealership back, when confronted with the facts, they changed their tune. We'll send someone to complete the paperwork and get your title to you.

Well, now it's May 2018, 10 months after purchase and still no title. Ran the VIN and see that a title was finally issued but it shows a lien holder that no longer exists, so now I'll waste more of my time to get that sorted out.

Two words: Unmitigated Disaster...
I am a few months behind you, but have had the exact same experience. Although I purchased mine outright January 11th. It has taken them until the first of May to get my plates. Someone (if you have dealt with them, you know who!) from the dealership had to go into the tax office to straighten something out, in order to get the plates. Now their comment is "we have nothing to do with the Title, it is the State of Texas!" Sounds like I will need to reference your experience. Thanks David, for the unsolicited information.

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