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Re: BMW Motorcycles Woodlands

Originally Posted by masterblaster View Post
I am having same issue, 3 months on my GSA, and 2 months so far on my s1000RR, I also turned a buddy onto a deal for a 17 leftover 1200 gsa and he is having the same issue. I am not going to slam them on purchase or service as the buying experience was good and straight forward, fair price and fair trade. Kind of ruined all that work by the team with bad follow up on plates. I wont recommend them to my friends but wont tell anyone not to buy there. I ill swing by again tomorrow to discus with them again and show them this thread. Having another strong healthy BMW dealer or any dealer in the area is in everyone's interest.
I guess that is a good way to think of it, Jerry. I wouldn't try dissuade anyone from buying there, but I wish they would do a better job of conducting their business and own up to their mistakes.

Their service guys seem to be top notch and the dealership is great to go and kick the tires. I got a good deal on the Duke but based on my latest efforts to understand the hang up with plates and title, I kinda wonder what they "knew" about it before I bought. I haven't bothered to ask, because based on recent interactions, I pretty much know what the answer would be.

I made the deal for the Duke without ever seeing it. It was listed at their Oklahoma store. The sales pictures showed a windshield extender. When I got the bike, they had removed the extender. I am pretty sure I would have removed it as well, so no big deal, but they didn't give me the option. This can be explained away, but buying based on internet pictures can be dicey, and requires a certain amount of trust. I am not certain I would do that again with this dealership. Not because of the extender, but because of the preponderance of issues and loss of my trust lately.

In the meantime, I still am waiting on my title, almost a half year later. An issue they claim to have "nothing to do with".

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