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Re: We lost Daytrader....

A story about John and I:

Late in the winter of 2012, I got a text from John Sherman with a picture of a thermometer that showed 42 degrees with a note that said "Hey, get a load of the temp in my bedroom." So I called him and asked him what the **** was going on!! John and I were "motorcycle buddies", met for lunch, supper occasionally and talked some but were not really that close.....yet. He had Christmas dinner at our house a couple of days before and suffered a very cold ride back home to his friends house in Lockhart, Texas where he was staying. I knew that he had been dating a cop, and that she had treated him very poorly and thrown him out of their shared apartment a few weeks prior to the holidays. I also knew that he had really cared for that girl; and was hurting inside due to the breakup. I also knew that he had made BIG money up north working on a fancy house in Maine or somewhere there and was not able to find the success and project manager position in Texas that he had done before; and was thus working at a cabinet shop. So he admitted to me that his friend in Lockhart heated only a portion of the house and his room and crapper were unheated and it was starting to get to him....a whole bunch of bad things were all piling up at once. My friend the big tough Marine was in a funk. I didn't know how badly, but prayed on it quickly and told my wife we needed to take this guy in and help him out......and she agreed! We had a 31' travel trailer parked under an RV port that was heated and nice and comfortable and I offered it to John on a couple of conditions: 1) That he NOT smoke in it. and 2) That we would keep him fed and housed and gassed up and help him look for work or anything he needed for a period of two months. I spoke seriously with him and told him that I was sure he had other friends to lean on, but I would help him until the end of February, 2013. So began the short stint with John living with my wife and I, my high school daughter and my elementary school age son. We had a bunch of beers together during that period, and many campfires (We live back in the woods, nice and private.) and became better friends for sure.....we spoke about his life growing up in Chi-town, his family still there, his love of Blackhawk hockey and his days as a project manager and stories about huge budgets and how his plan was to "get **** done" on the big projects. He was quite a character.....when we got a little drunk we would talk about deeper things and philosophy and the one dark thing that happened in Beirut in the early 80's that affected him the rest of his life. I cannot share that story here; if you know him you know the story.
John had a real sense of economy; he was a cheap roomate! He ate a lot of grits, and helped take care of our chickens and turned the compost pile. He taught me what a french press was and how to use it.....we both love coffee! He never once did anything untoward; was a real gentlemen with me and my family and I think that God put me in care of him for those two months on purpose. I took him to our men's breakfast at church a few times; and these things effected his spirit and allowed him to rest. His Father passed away in early February; and his next purpose became clear---to head north and help his mother and family deal with their collective family grief. He left in early March, and I heard from him sporadically for the next few years until he moved back to Austin......he had landed another big construction up north and made good money and it was good to have him closer again. Pictures of his dog, Gussy and stories about him trying to find the perfect girl filled recent communications......and now he is gone too soon. I loved him and I miss him, his directness and sense of humor and smartass wit and love of Volvo wagons....(we both had one) goodbye John until we meet again and I hope the riding is good up there..........
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