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Re: Motorcycle first aid training

As stated our trainer Michelle is an air vac trauma nurse who has seen more than her fair share of motorcycle accidents and injuries, she has a passion for riding motorcycles and that is where her motivation comes from to provide this training. She is clearly very experienced in medical trauma treatment, but despite some of the cold facts (dealing with dead bodies, etc) she did an excellent job at communicating the importance of each step, the reason why it is performed in a specific order and keeping it all upbeat and enjoyable. She presented a lot of information. I was a little dissapointed by the basic training as it was mainly watching videos, listening to Michelle talk and almost no practical hands-on, but lots of opportunity for questions. the second day (advanced) was much more interesting with lots of opportunity to practice what we had learnt in the Basic training and the new topics that where covered in the advanced training, she provided several medical dummies to practice on (CPR, splinting, etc).

There is only so much information you can absorb in 2 days and I thought the course struck a very good balance, you weren't left thinking you had wasted a lot of time, but you where also not left thinking there was so much information that you had already forgotten half of it by the end of the course. They have a few keyword acronyms that you learn and that really helps the information sink in and stick.. I thought it was a great use of my weekend, and whilst I hope to NEVER have to use the knowledge that we gained, I think it would be very valuable if I am aver involved in an accident scene. I highly recommend the training. Michelle also brought along another trauma EM (Called Chris) who also had a lot of knowledge and would explain things slightly different to Michelle and sometimes that would make it clearer, sometimes not, but they made for a good team and really wanted everyone to get the most out of the training..

I would highly recommend everyone do a course like this as it is so useful in the event you ever come across an accident scene.

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