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Modifying Front Fender on F800GSA

I posted what happened on the South of DFW thread, but I wanted to put this somewhere in case someone has the same issue. The question is if I am missing something (as in is it a bad idea) on what I am likely going to be doing.

I was out on a ride last weekend, and for the second time found myself in some chocolate cake mud. This time, the mud caked up inside my front fender and either ripped my fender or it broke in the fall. In either case, the front wheel was completely locked. The only way to get out was to rip off the broken part of the fender, and then take off the rest of the fender. Then scrape off all the mud, and slowly get out without the fender. However, the brake line was in the way.

I attached a couple photos, but basically it looks like a single brake line runs from the master cylinder to the right fork (let's call it A line), where it then hits a banjo and runs over to the brakes on the left side of the bike (B line) where the ABS is. Then it loops back over the front wheel at the fender height to the right side of the wheel to the other caliper (C line).

What seems crazy to me is that the C line from the left caliper to the right caliper runs right over the top of the wheel, so if I were to remove the fender there are only about 2-3 inches of room. The B line has around 6-7 inches. In an ideal world, I would run a brake line down each fork, but ABS is an issue.

So, my thinking is that I will get a longer C line, and zip tie it up along B line so that I have much more clearance. Then I can either go without a fender (which might end up with mud all over the radiator) or take a stock fender and add a couple stainless steel tabs to raise it up about 4 inches.

Am I missing something?
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