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Re: 2017 MexTrek #6, Oct 26th to 29th 2017

Originally Posted by JT View Post
There will be many gas stops on the run down to Galeana, but riding up in the mountains will be a different story. I think I would want at least 100 mile range. I've been thinking about doing this myself. What model bike do you plan to take?
KTM 250 XCW. To be honest I'm not 100% sure about the current range. Just got the bike last week. It has an almost 3 gallon tank so it may be closer to 75 mile range currently. I think if I get 1-1.5 more gallons on the bike 100 miles should be doable. The bigger gas tanks I've seen after a quick search only add about 1/2 gallon. So maybe one of those and a couple fuel bottles in a tail bag.
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