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Re: 2017 MexTrek #6, Oct 26th to 29th 2017

Brandon, I have a highway fuel range of maybe 75 miles at 62 MPH (2/3 throttle). In the mountains I can get around 90 on a tank cause speeds are slower, 40 MPH average or less. Normally I would say you should be fine if you pack a couple bottles and ride with a friend with a big tank. But...your 2 stroke premix will make gas transfer from anyone else dicey. Last thing you want is a seized piston 250 miles from the border.

I would not be nearly as concerned about range as I would mechanical reliability. Ask yourself if you'd run the bike to Austin and back and if it didn't make it you'd have to pay $250 to get it home.

I had a street legal XCW200 back in 2005 or so. Worked great for months of inner loop shenanigans. First time on the highway, a 10 mile drone at 65 with highway gearing, maybe 4500 rpm, the crank went south. From that experience I am unsure of 2 strokes as adventure steeds.

But if you think its all good, bring it!!! Just gear it to the moon. You'll never need anything below a 2nd gear equivalent ratio in Mexico.
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