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Re: Swapped tire for practice. Bead break pains.

Originally Posted by tricepilot View Post
The subject of the MSTA is tubed tires
? MSTA ?

Originally Posted by tricepilot View Post
The OP has a tubed tire he's concerned about breaking the bead of on the trail. He'll be able to do it with his boots if he flats while its warm
Well if he had a bugger of a time at home then on the trail he better be prepared. I've seen many flats not discovered until ready to mount up the bike again after a stop or lunch. Tire is not warm in that instance. Kickstand works fine but easier to pinch a tube and you need another bike unless you have mad skillz and a BMW.

The Motion Pro bead breaker is expensive but very lightweight and they double as tire spoons. I was successful using that exact tool to break the bead on my tubeless Mitas Dakar tire on a trip. Tire was very warm from sitting in the hot Mexican sun though.

Another tip for bead breaking, do not use any lube, dry is best. I used it for years thinking it helped but it actually does the opposite and makes it harder to break the bead.

Onboard bead breaker at 1:23

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