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Re: Hallo from San Antonio

Thanks for all the feedback I didn't even notice in my inbox.

Maroon12: I looked at them last night after DPS told me my German license doesn't mean anything for waiving anything.
Wasn't too thrilled to be told "No.", but if you think about it, "haven't been on a bike in 20 yeaRs", it sunk in eventually, will be fun getting on their 250 before I end up with anything like my last bike or bigger.
I'll call them Monday to see if I can get in next week.

It'll be easy to stay hydrated as I usually always rode with a backpack anyway, had some rain gear in it but more importantly a spark plug wrench and that Allen for the breaker cover and a lighter.
So won't be a problem having liquids with me.

I came across mesh gear just didn't know what brands I should look at first, thanks to kme9418 I have something to start looking at.

Funny that the basic course has a test at the end, I didn't even consider that, I'm a terrible test taker....Which is probably why I managed to suppress that thought.

Hopefully I'll get the gear stuff figured out for TX because I enjoyed riding my bike 365 days of the year in Germany, even if that required two sets of pants/boots/gloves, jacket had a liner for winter that meant only one of those needed.
The closer I get the more nervous I get that something gets in my way last minute.

Thanks again to all for all the welcomes.

I'll probably end up lurking mostly until I do have a bike.

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