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Talking Re: Help Keep Two Wheeled Texans Going!

Originally Posted by Electrified View Post
I just don't understand. I have less than a 1000 comments here but have been on this forum for over 10 years and have made a lot of great friends. Elaine and I give a measly $5 bucks a month each and I am quite certain 80% of the of registered users can afford $5 bucks a month. Just say'n.
Some of us choose not to get involved in that $$/mo crap. If I die and, consequently, my pay stops, I do not want my Daughter to be ripped off for an extra $19.75/mo for a piddly charge that hits an empty account. Larger lumps, less frequently, make more sense. And, btw, the lumps amount to more than a measly $5/mo, cheapskate.
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