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Re: Custom Made Heated Gear


I'm still operating out of our alternate location, Mom's house. (Screw you Harvey!) But I'm happy to report this is the busiest heated glove season ever. I can order new Olympia WeatherKings, add heat and have them on your hands in about 10 days. The total is $210 shipped within the US.

I can also add my high wattage carbon fiber integrated liners to virtually any winter glove. The charge to add heat to your gloves is $110 including return shipping.

Here's some recent reviews:

Then there's the math:
The average heated glove reads around 13 ohms at the plug. Some manufacturers make adhoc wattage claims - but ohms don't lie.

13.8v / 13 ohms = 1.06 amps
13.8v x 1.06 amps = 14.64 watts

My sealed carbon fiber heating elements read around 9.3 ohms.

13.8v / 9.3 ohms = 1.48 amps
13.8v x 1.48 amps = 20.47 watts

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