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Re: Dealership Service Headaches

Originally Posted by pacman View Post
Since changing my employment to a job that requires quite a bit of travel, I have found myself in need of shop that I can trust. Since my local Kawasaki shop parts guy didn't even know that the "big dual sport" bike I was riding was a Kawasaki, my faith in their staff and abilities has been somewhat shaken.

The "big dual sport" in question:

The ignorance of a lot of dealership staff to the products they sell is often nothing short of astonishing. I was in Woods the other day and a salesman didn't realize that the 'Z1000", "Ninja 1000" and "ZX-10" were in fact three different models. I've been to a Yamaha shop that thought the Vmax was an outboard engine (it is, but this dealer didn't sell marine and apparently had never heard of the motorcycle). I've been told the FZ-09 was a 900cc four cylinder. Could go on and on with dealer staff stories. I don't expect every salesperson to memorize the spec sheet of every model on the floor, but come on. Maybe at least be able to recognize the product line?

Having worked at dealers in the past, that kind of sloppy, lazy work is not even a little surprising. Most dealers have 1 or 2 "A" level techs. They're kept busy with the major services- engine rebuilds, ect. Everything else is handled by whoever walks in the door and has a toolbox.
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