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Re: GPS Advice?!?

My most recent GPS purchased was a 64ST. I had used a Zumo and a TomTom rider.. Both had the advantage of a large screen, colorful way points and the ability to show different types of data like the map and speed, and distance to next way point on the same screen, but in a dusty environment they both would become unreadable. Since they were touchscreens, any attempt to clean the screen while underway often changed what was displayed.

I purchased a used 62 from a TWTer and liked it's hard button interface and could live with the smaller screen. I don't really the map for route planning while underway or need a 3x4 inch display with a giant arrow that points the next turn. Simple written instructions like a roll chart work for me and the 62/64 will do that with the right maps. (The 62 will only store 500 way points or I would still be using it.) Since it is a hand held it gets in car, on bike and in rucksack duty. Finally it uses AA batteries so you have the choice of rechargeable or if push comes to shove any convenience store will get your unit powered again. The ram mount was around $10 if I recall.

If you need a rugged, multi use unit, but don't need to talk to it, have it talk to you, forward phone calls, etc. Then the 64 is more than enough. Perfect for a dual sport.


Y'all go ahead. I'll catch up to you at the crash site.
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