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Re: GPS Advice?!?

Originally Posted by Jeff S View Post
I use Locus. It's a little nerdy, but once you figure it out, it's VERY capable. It does require a network (cell or wifi) to do setup an automatic route - but I nearly never do that. I typically make a route the night before - either on the phone or on Google Maps or something - copy the GPX file to dropbox or Google Drive, then import into Locus from there. Locus can download maps for offline use, so once the track is on it, I don't need any further network connection. You can also pre-download maps on your computer and copy them over.

The biggest problem with phone-based stuff on a bike is usability with gloves on. Kinda sorta works, but for anything more than a couple taps, I need to have a bare finger or two.
I had an old pair of motorcycle gloves that I cut off the tip of the index fingers just to be able to use the phone without de-gloving.
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