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Re: GPS Advice?!?

Originally Posted by JT View Post
The 64 does not have a power input port. Not a problem if you plan to use only batteries. Major problem if you want to use bike power. Do not try to use the USB cable for bike power. The jack on the unit is not strong enough to withstand the vibration and it will fail, only a matter of time.

The software in the 64, Oregon and Montana is basically the same so the functional differences are just screen size and control type. The only problem I've ever had with the Montana touchscreen is if it the bike sits still in the hot sun for a while, the unit will get hot and the touchscreen will fail. Once it cools down, back to normal. Just remember to lay a glove over it when you stop at the taco stand.
My bike currently doesn't have a power port. I was going to add one, but maybe not. Does the Oregon and Montana have a dedicated power port that is vibration resistant?

The heat seems to be a common enemy of touchscreens everywhere. I can remember an older iPhone "overheating" on me in a tankbag map pouch. The glove is a good trick.
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