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Had the Spot G3 & (Giant Loop holster worked great on hydration pack strap) for almost a year and my batteries just leaked (Perhaps due to recent Co trip and higher elevations). Despite a few hours cleaning, it's dead. Good thing my contract is almost up. I am leaning twards the InReach.

Spot does offer a supplementary rescue insurance plan through GEOS. Will have to look if InReac has same offer. Think it was about $20 a yr for 100,000 a suplemental coverage like medivac...

What I don't see in the articles is how it all played out for paying for said rescue. That would be good to know, as anything with a helicoptor is huge, and inshurance companies like to place fault, or delay payment, etc... or how does it work if you pressed 911 for your buddy? I imagine they charge whomever ie in the rescue vehicle not the caller.
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