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Re: 2018 Mextrek #7, June 14th - 17th 2018

Originally Posted by sandsman View Post
So what are the cost's, lodging and meals and incidentals, that would be normal for this ride. I'm just trying to wade thru all the posts to see if I want to ge involved.

Oops, I just realized that I'm going to Mexico in July, so as much as I would like to go on this one, I'll have to pass. But the July trip to Chihuahua and then over to Baja California will suffice.
These are often asked questions and I guess need a good response. I budget $50 a day for expenses while in Mexico to ride, eat, drink, party, see sights, buy gas, buy a few nicknacks, pay tolls, etc... If you go hog wild, or like your high end liquor or fine dining, $75 will do.

For this 5 day trip I would plan on:

Lodging, based on double occupancy: Clarion: $35 USD Magdelena: $15 x 3 = $45 USD Total $80 USD

Permits: TVIP $50 Visa (7 days free) $0

Gas: 500 miles / 10 MPLiter (37 MPG) = 50 liters @ 18 pesos / liter = $900 Pesos = $45 USD

Food: US: Welcome dinner: $20 USD In Mexico: Breakfast $5 Lunch $5 Dinner + Drinks $10 = $20 / day * 4 = $80 USD

Grand total: Trip $25, Lodging $80, Bike $95, Food: $100 = $300 ($60 a day)

I recommend bringing / having available $500 USD so you can do whatever you want, buy whatever you like, drink whatever you please, eat till you can't eat no more, see everything there is to see, ride as far as you want, get a private room when your roommate snores, buy a new tire, pay for a tow, and get out of a speeding ticket. $250 in cash will cover a normal trip. $250 you can get from an ATM if the need arises.
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