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How To Share Your GPS files


The purpose of this forum section is to allow users to share their GPS routes/tracks with other users.

The easiest way to do this is to attach the GPS file to a post. When editing your post, simply click the "Manage Attachments" button in the "Additional Options" area below the text editing area. This will open a pop up window where you can browse your computer to find the desired file. Below the upload area in that window is a small chart showing acceptable file formats and file sizes. Currently, the allowed formats are GDB and GPX, both at just under 2MB file sizes. That can be changed if needed.

GDB files are Garmin specific files. They vary depending on the particular version of the Garmin software used to create them. So while it may work great for you, it may not work so great for other people. What is nice about them though is that the routing highlight will usually follow the road on the map rather than just displaying as straight lines between a series of way points.

GPX files are the universal GPS file exchange format. This will work for most any GPS or GPS software, but it will only display as straight lines between waypoints. So unless you are REAL careful about where you put waypoints, other people may not be able to reproduce your actual route. This is especially true if they try to use the Garmin software to "recalculate" the route so that it follows the roads on the maps.

Track files are the bread crumb trails created by the GPS as the rider travels his route. These are just a series of MANY way points. As such, they tend to work pretty good in the GPX format, even when loaded into Garmin software and "recalculated".
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Re: How To Share Your GPS files

Thanks for setting this up! I think this could be a great database for people to pick up riding routes when we just want to ride.
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