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Re: NE Houston - Atascocita/Humble area riders!

Great ride today gents , really great, enjoyed the **** out of it. Good meeting you three. 545 miles all said for me today, not bad for a BBQ lunch ride.
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Re: NE Houston - Atascocita/Humble area riders!

It was good meeting you and thibodeaux... we found some good roads, some good bbq... perfect weather!

It was great! Another rode soon!

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Re: NE Houston - Atascocita/Humble area riders!

I just made it to the house. Great first ride with you TWTX folks. I look forward to the next one.

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Butt Burner Recap

Ok, this was an interesting ride... We started off with a bit of a communication error... I shared the gpx file with MasterBlaster, but didn't tell him that it started in Atascocita, where I was going to meet u with CVW1973... oops! Problem resolved, got a call, and we met him in Cleveland... Sorry about the extra miles down to Atascocita!

CVW and I met up with Thibodeauxj in Dayton (I'll shorten names a bit for the rest to avoid spelling errors)...

Great to meet you Thib! Good breakfast and Coffee at the Texas Kountry Kitchen... we headed out to Cleveland... got a call from MB, and we stopped at Love's to pick him up and pair our headsets... Great meeting you as well! I'm looking forward to getting out with both of you guys again!

Anyway... I noticed the intercom volume on the Sena 20s is noticeably lower than the other inputs... with my old and damaged ears, that's a tough one. The GPS interrupting conversations didn't help! I've set it to allow the GPS to talk without interrupting now... we'll see if that helps. All volumes are maxed... (i also wear ear plugs).

OK... headed up to point blank, didn't have extreme cager issues on 224, but did have an SUV that slowed things down. ok...

up to Apple Springs and into the forest. There were sections of dirt on 23 and 233... construction meant they had ripped up the pavement. Fairly solid dirt, so not an extreme issue.. the sport tires handled it fine. Not a white knuckle experience. 23 and 233 were both pretty cool roads... some tree canopies, a few decent curves... changing scenery... Nice roads.

We got to Rusk around lunch time... a quick yelp search said the good place for chicken fried steak was closed... but we grabbed the top BBQ spot. All-Star BBQ. Pretty decent BBQ! We had a great lunch, and told stories about roads, work, etc... and got to know our new riders a little. Great place to stop!

The roads east out of Rusk were pretty good. Sections of slabbing, but a few curves here and there... a some sections of nice scenery. Not the "Epic" ride that would be ultimate, but pretty decent! Enjoyed it. MUCH better than just slabbing!

OK... we got closer to Center, then down to 353 into San Augustine... as I remembered... this road is great, with some good curves, ess curves... nice views... Great road. Into San Augustine, back out on 21 toward Milam to cut up on 330, down 87, then 1414... that really didn't happen. We headed east, and went through an intersection with another FM road, and i saw a car coming... but appeared to be stopping... no problem! 3 bikes behind me. 2 curves ahead... I focused on the curves...

out of the curves... NO bikes behind me! Yikes! I was thinking really bad things... I'm thinking .... the car pulled out... not good... lots of things going through my mind... started to turn around, and 3 bikes appeared. Yay!!! but going slowly... we pulled over, and CVW's clutch cable had broken... That made me happy! no bleeding... just parts!

OK... so no Yamaha shop near with parts, and CVW had to ride home without a clutch. with a push to get going, no problem.

Unfortunately, we sent CVW on his way... telling him we would catch him. I was quickest to be ready, so I ran to catch. Caught him, but just before a turn that my GPS said would be the quickest... but MB and Th didn't have the same route. I caught CVW, pointed him to the turn, and noticed it was 5 miles to the next turn... I turned around to flag the other two...

got to the intersection, and they zoomed by... didn't recognize me... BUT... we have intercom! NOPE... the tomtom is saying "turn around"... hahaha... I can't talk and yell "turn around!" ... so I lost them...

Tried to call MB... but my set up only allows me to call the wife easily... Arrrrrggg! hahaha...

****! I've got to catch CVW! well, he was rolling... got to the end of the road... fortunately, he turn the right way, and stopped. ok... we're good.

Helmet off, called MB... Great! they are on 103, waiting... we're headed that way! Ummm nope... they were on a road marked 103, but it may have been like a connector to 103... not REALLY 103... Never saw us... we never saw them...

We made it to Lufkin for fuel... Couldn't get MB on the phone... sent a text... I'm thinking... did they go on, or will they wait, then canvass the world looking for us? hahaha

Apparently, after some canvassing, the figured out how we missed each other, and they found us. OK.. all better...

headed toward home... got CVW going, and we timed stop lights well so that we didn't have to stop anymore. All got home safely, no rescues needed, and the rest of the trip back home was good. a long day, and an amazing string of logistical errors... Who was the leader on this mess? Oh.. that's me!

but as MB said several times... "it's all part of the adventure!"

We missed the last two of the best curve roads, but that's fine. The roads we did get were great! The group of 3 riders were awesome guys, and I'm ready to go for the next ride with all of them! Ok... there were 4 of us, but I'm not going to claim awesomeness...

With a few tweaks of the headset, I think I've got some of the issues fixed... at least I should be able to get intercom while the GPS is talking... that will help...

Butt Burner Redeaux is already on the computer... we'll do this again, and finish. Can't wait... had a blast!

Thanks guys!!!!

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