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Introduction Hello

Hey all, My name is Dave & I was directed to this site when I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for riding buddies for my 9 y.o. daughter. She has been riding for about 2 years and currently has a modified Yamaha PW80 that she loves. She has a local girl friend her own age (3 days apart birthdays) who rides but just isn't into it as much as my kiddo. We would like to meet some other folks with kids that ride. My daughter isn't particular about age or gender, she rode with two nice boys 11 & 12 at GSL Ranch a few weeks ago. She had no problem keeping up with their 100 & 125 bikes.

I ride an old Yamaha Serow (XT) 225 & it works fine for me... I basically got it so I could ride with the kiddo.

Anyway, we live in San Marcos & have a place to ride... just need more ring buddies. Looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you.
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Re: Introduction Hello

Can't help with rounding up riding chi'ren but
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Re: Introduction Hello

Welcome to the site. It's been a while since my daughter was that young, but remember what it was like having her out riding. Hope you find someone here.

Have you checked with AMSA, the Austin dirt club? Here is their forum on the texas offroad network. They do Family days and that is a good way to meet other families with kids that ride.
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Re: Introduction Hello

Welcome to the crew. To find other riding buddies just go to one of the TWT pie runs or other local and area meet and greats. There you will find like minded folks who love to ride. We do have a few members in that neck of the woods. KP
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Re: Introduction Hello

& enjoy!
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Re: Introduction Hello

Dang. I wish we were closer. My oldest daughter is 12 and has no one to ride with, as such, she is kind of losing interest. She has a 10 year old brother, but she can't keep up with him because he only knows one speed...

Welcome to the site!
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Re: Introduction Hello

sure hope yall find some good riding partners!


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Re: Introduction Hello

Glad to see you made it here .
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Re: Introduction Hello

I have a 13yr old daughter and she rides, but just love it. I also have a 15yr old son that is hot and cold.

There have been several guys looking for kid bikes lately. You might post down in the Young Guns section.

You could also post in impending dust storms

There have been several kids days hosted in the past.
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Re: Introduction Hello

Howdy neighbor. Nice that your daughter shares the riding passion. I am sure you will find some other young people to join in the festivities. Good luck.
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Re: Introduction Hello

Thanks for reaching out everybody. Still looking for other young riders... I'll have to check out the Young Guns section.
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Re: Introduction Hello

Zars Ranch down in Floresville has an area for kids, as well as enough easy single track the younger riders can handle.

I see some young guys and girls riding down there most weekends I go ride with some friends down there.
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