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Re: Colorado Adventure V. 2.0

Originally Posted by Tourmeister View Post
RG, have you done much riding further East over by South Fork, like North and South of US 160? I know Wheeler Monument is over that way, but are there any passes that go North over the Mountains to CO 114?
Last year I based out of Wagon Wheel Gap working the areas around Wheeler Monument and east toward South Fork (north of 160/149). Going west, you run up against the La Garita wilderness (Wheeler is actually inside this) and the Weminuche wilderness. That basically leaves from Creede toward the east.

There is some first rate single track out there. Some used in the spring RMEC (enduro) are a handful. This is where I lost my rear brakes on the in pads nor pins. That'll crease the seat.

Moving east toward Del Norte flattens out into farm country real quick. North of DN is La Garita rd. that runs into FS 41g. It goes all the way up to 114. Very scenic stuff. This is one you'll enjoy. East of the intersection with 114 is Saguache (pronounced saw-wash). Even farther east is of the craziest places I've experienced. A week there will broaden one's perspectives. Moving further north is the Marshall pass road between Sargents and Poncha Springs...very popular with bigger adventure bikes.

This year I moved south of 160 to areas south of South Fork, Del Norte and west of Monte Vista. I ran into a lot of private land and areas with little listed on MVUM's. Near Rock Creek is a small area of very nice single track. I'll be spending more time there. This is where I ran onto a pair of bull moose. For dualsport/GS riding Summitville rd. is great.

North of Saguache is an old mining area called Bonanza. You can basically throw a rock from one old mine to the next. It's a designated scenic area where you can see more old mining and milling equipment than you want to look at. Getting off the main drag is little bike territory.

This part of Colorado is one of transition and contrast. You go from flat farm land with center pivot irrigation to some of the tallest mountains in the state within the course of a few miles - in all directions. You can stand in beautiful alpine meadows at elevation and look down into Sand Dunes national park. There's a lot more exploring that needs to be done around there.

*Much of this area is called the "wet mountains." There's a good reason. Places like Summitville, Spanish Peaks and around Lake Isabel are meteorological misfits. They're big mountains out by themselves and they honest to goodness create their own weather. Most of it cold and wet.
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