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Re: Battle of the Bulge

Hey Bob!

So, I too am in this fight. I stay above 250 lbs pretty consistently. Seems like every time I get under that, something happens and I go back up the scale.

I bought a Fitbit charge2 at Christmas. You can track calories very easily. Since it has a heart rate tracker which is fairly accurate, you can also get pretty good numbers about how many calories you're burning.

I know you asked about sleep tracking.

So, you can set goals and a schedule, and those reminders help me to keep my schedule and get enough sleep. If you wear it at night, it'll show you how many times and for long you woke up, and if you're moving around at night, even for just a minute. This will be info for your doctor to decide if you need more sleep, or if you're getting quality sleep.

I know that if I sleep at consistent times, for 6-7 hours, I start losing weight easier. For a night owl like me, that's not easy to keep!

When you're ready for weights, I suggest something simple. The 5x5 is classic, effective, and easy. 3 exercises, 3 days a week. Maybe 45 minutes including warm up. I had a lot of success with that when I was younger and in the Army. I'm actually starting it up again next week.

So, good luck, and I wish you plenty of will power!
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Re: Battle of the Bulge

Originally Posted by drfood View Post
For dessert we keep grapes in the freezer. You've never had anything so good until you've had a frozen grape. I also freeze orange slices. There's lots of options for desserts over blue bell. .
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Re: Battle of the Bulge

There is an art to buying Granny Smiths and not have them lose their tart taste or be mealy. I wish I could explain it to my wife. Thankfully I do most of the shopping.

As for labels, I lean on ADD. If I can get through a label without getting distracted, I'll consider the item. If the label drags on for half the can the product doesn't get considered.

Just broke down and bought a Polar A300. At Tuesday's workout my recovery time was not what it needed to be. Gotta be able to do the math.

Talking about calories per teaspoon, I by sugar in 25 pound bags to feed the weaker bee colonies in the winter. The brand has a note on the front "only 15 calories per teaspoon." Seems funny considering the size of the bag.

Y'all go ahead. I'll catch up to you at the crash site.
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Re: Battle of the Bulge

Hopefully that's Imperial Sugar 😎 Gotta support a Texas brand which in turn allows me to keep motorcycling. 🤗

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Post Re: Battle of the Bulge

Originally Posted by BeemerlessBob View Post
I've also learned that there is a big difference between a glass of orange juice and eating an orange. An orange is less colonies, less sugar and more good fiber.

Fruit juices, even all natural have a terrible Glycemic Index and load. When you consume the whole fruit (within reason to limit fructose), you can sometimes take the grams of fiber and net out the carbs from the actual fruit being consumed.

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