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Question Texas Ghost Towns: proposal

I'm submitting a proposal for a category in the member's* section: Texas Ghost Towns.

Along the lines of the 'historical markers' thread introduced by Cowboy, the category could serve as a deposit and archive of ghost towns riders happen upon or intentionally visit. For some (perhaps it is already), it could be a new 'treasure hunt' like Gilke's and Janet's courthouses.

A few books in print list and locate ghost towns in Texas, but they are not complete. A short list is in the first several pages of the current "Roads of Texas" mapbook. I've been in a few over the last two months that are not mentioned anywhere. It's a big state with lots of territory and history; there are probably MANY ghosts towns that are less known, some perhaps lost in the memories of the old timers.

Regardless, I propose a criteria:

"A Ghost Town is a town or community that at one time had a commercial or population center, and is either wholly abandoned or faded greatly from its peak, and now is just a shadow of its former self." (1)

And classification (1):

"All ghost towns can be categorized into five basic classes based on what remains at the site.

· Class A...barren site

· Class B...rubble and/or roofless building ruins

· Class C...standing abandoned buildings (with roofs), no population, except maybe a caretaker.

· Class D...semi/near ghost towns. A small resident population, many abandoned buildings.

· Class E...busy historic community, yet still much smaller than in its boom years.

· Class F...Not a stand-alone class, but an addition to any of the above. This class usually designates a restored town, state park, or indicates some other “additional” status.

Riders must submit a photo of the location and/or any buildings, structures, ruins, or anything that occupies the space where the town once stood.

Other data required: location. Using roads and/or distances from nearby places, or GPS coordinates.

Something, anything, no matter how short or long, about the significance of the town: history, personal perspectives, anecdotes, even, yes, historical markers. Stories are welcome.

If a moderator is needed for this, I volunteer. I don't wish to add to the burden of those already donating precious time and energy on the forum.

* Does this mean that only members can view the thread? That's a shame. It would be really nice if visitors that are not members can view it.

(1) Source: Ghost Town USA’s GHOST TOWN CATEGORIES.
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