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Prayers for JacknTexas


Many of you know Jack because he has organized a lot of RTE events here the last few years. Saturday morning he injured his leg when his bike started to fall over as he was rolling it out before a ride and he prevented it from going down. Something "snapped" in the back of the lower leg. He's been to the ER and will be seeing a specialist in the next few days to see what the extent of the damage may be. Hopefully it is nothing that will require surgery or him being off his feet for an extended period of time.

Also, Jack is going to be going in for some "porting and polishing" (his words) of his sinuses. This is a pretty serious surgery and he was already going to be off work a few weeks for this. Now there is some concern that the leg injury might interfere with the schedule of the sinus surgery which he REALLY wants to get done so he can get some much needed relief.

Please keep Jack and his wife, Tina, in your prayers.
Scott Friday

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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Ouch and yikes! I hope the leg is just banged up a bit because that would be way better than something breaking or popping out from where it should be. Hoping we all hear good news for him soon!
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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Done, we'll keep Jack in our prayers, sir.
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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Get well soon amigo, as we miss you already. If you need a hand, hollar. It will be a LOT better shortly. Hardy
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Prayers being sent
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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Praying for speedy recovery with the leg, Jack, and success with the "port and polishing."
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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Will do.
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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Big hugs to ya Jack. I'll even post up a RTE or two while you're recovering.
Katy, TX
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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Yes, of course for Jack. May all your procedures are successful. And recovery is fast.
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Back Road Ronnie
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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Prayers & hope all goes good for you Jack.
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Thinking of you Jack. Get well soon. "Porting and polishing".......LOL!
Jeff Hansen
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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Originally Posted by BeemerBob View Post
Prayers being sent

dang motorcycles are dangerous!
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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Originally Posted by Gilk51 View Post
dang motorcycles are dangerous!
Just the ones that are sleepy and want to lay down and take a nap.
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Praying for you Bro that the leg heals quick, you get ported and polished and that Tina doesn't kill you for being a pain while you are healing up.

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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Prayers sent. Hopefully the pop was nothing serious. As for the sinuses, I have a dremel and have experience with cylinder heads. I work cheap!
Hope you're up and running soon. Sam & Shirley
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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Jack, very sorry to hear this, hope it is nothing too serious and the sinus procedure con proceed as planned.

We need you back planning RTEs!

I will keep you and Tina in my good thoughts and prayers.
Camilo D.

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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Prayers sent. Hopefully the pop was nothing serious. As for the sinuses, I have a dremel and have experience with cylinder heads. I work cheap!
Wally[electronics technician]
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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Praying for you guys. I hope it is nothing serious. This is the time when banked sick leave is precious.... and insurance.
Donnie 99VFR
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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

I hate it when bikers get hurt doing something we love, rather it is riding or preparing to ride. I can't tell you how many times I have almost hurt myself just trying to move bikes around the garage. I feel for you, understand your predicament, and will pray in ernest for you.
Steve F.

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Re: Prayers for JacknTexas

Thinking of you. Prayers sent! If there is anything I can do for you please call.
Tim Abernethy
Conroe, Tx

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