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Smartphone camera augmentation

Maybe there are folks that have some first-hand experience here:

I'm usually a P&S camera guy but have found the smartphone handy since it is more often with me. One of the biggest drawbacks I encounter with smartphone-only trips is the lack of zoom capability. The digital zoom is what it is, but I see there are gadgets that can be attached over the phone camera lens to provide some telephoto capability.

For kicks, I took my 10x monocular and held it up against my phone. I could get a workable image with significant vignetting but I did notice the image enlargement was no greater than what I was seeing with my unaided vision. IOW, the 10x essentially restored the image size to full (to my perception at least).

Between what I noticed with 10x, and the mixed reviews of most of these zoom attachments, I don't see much if any reason to spend any money or time on these things. I'll just stick to the Canon P&S for my imaging needs.

Anyone have good experience with smartphone zoom attachments they would care to share?

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Re: Smartphone camera augmentation

Looking forward to the responses here.

To be honest, when I read the thread title I immediately thought this was going to be about the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and similar gimbals for smartphone video.

The video that makes heads explode:

Valentino Rossi met me
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Re: Smartphone camera augmentation

Took this shot of a Williamson Sapsucker with an older cell phone through a
Swarovski spotting scope. The full size version is as crisp as anything I have taken with the D5100. Can't say that all of the lens attachments will work as well, but the technology is there.
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Y'all go ahead. I'll catch up to you at the crash site.
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Old 04-16-2018, 08:21 AM   #4
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Re: Smartphone camera augmentation

My biggest problem is needing a camera that is a one handed operation as I do about 60% of my photos off a moving bike and , another 20% in a car while driving. Yes, it's a point and shoot operation and you need to keep the camera in a mode to get instant shots and I do use RAW only with my G16.
But when I do stop to take some shots, I do want a view finder for those bright sunshiney days where non of my camera let me see the screen very good to compose a shot.
So my cell phone useage in taking pic is probably near 1% of the pics I've taken in the last 5 yrs. And really don't see it improving. Sad is the XS50 and T3i Canons get just a little over the cell phone useage. Unless it's a planned affair for a picture shoot ( weddings, parades, activities ) instead of spur of the moment.
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