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2017 F700GS

I have my 2017 F700GS a month now (~840 miles) and since the break-in service came and went, I thought I share some experiences with the bike, mostly because I just love the bike, but also because I think I could write this so it'll be useful for people wondering about getting a F700GS later. (I just can't keep myself short it seems)

I drove it off the lot with 2 miles on it. (No, no test ride done because I was pretty sure it is “it”)
I read a lot about the vibrations people experience with the rider's hands going numb from Vibration, since I got to take it home over I10 to 410 I got some good RPMs going and WOW did the handle bar vibrate my hands numb quick.
Was everything I read actually the norm and not the exception?
It didn't stop me, BMW suggests twisty roads for break in so the next day being a Sunday, I took it out to the Hill Country and enjoyed the **** out of that ride, was also surprised by how well the mesh jacket worked (glad I got that suggestion from TWT members).
My hands were numb again, it didn't deter me, I'd get used to it as it's just such a great bike to ride.
During the week I drove it to work and back every day but couldn't wait for next Sunday, back to Hill Country, having a good time, got a lot of waves back, felt great, who cares about numb hands?
During the week just the commuter experience but it dawned on me nothing is getting numb.
I couldn't quite tell since when the vibrations in handle bar were gone, thought maybe it's just because I drove lower gears and lower RPMs on city streets, figured probably a misobservation.
Figured the next Sunday would tell, but while Harvey missed us, I stayed grounded because I was I'll equipped for anything but blistering heat.
More city driving during week and I was certain it's just smoother and there is no vibration.
Actually it's just quieter overall, so quiet I hear myself clunk gears in, or am I? Drove myself nuts as that made me think about shifting, when it's actually just automated motions, terrible, this just can't be, did everything to ensure clutch would fully separate, read up about preloading, don't have the balls to go clutchless.
Noticed it's smooth shifting when I shifted still in friction zone…that doesn't make sense, never had to do that….odd, kept aiming at friction zone and yeah shifts nice there, so let's keep doing that.
Trips to Cycle Gear gave me a chance to experience higher gears and RPMs and yes, it's not shaking my hands numb.
Following Saturday I drove to Alamo BMW to get alarm installed and break-in service done, what a fun bike, so smooth, actually so much quieter, what's that noise I'm hearing? Oh the bike is so quiet I can hear my Anakee III? Wow that bike is quiet.
After service back home over I10, no extra trips because people sucked the city dry, no gas for fun activities.
Shifts easier and is quieter since service? Maybe, buy I'm likely biased because that's what I read a lot of people say happened after service.
No gas? What to do on Sunday then?
Put on SW-Motech Skidplate! (Only one I saw came with mounting hardware for 2017 and didn't suggest to use the OEM Skidplate hardware...which I don't have)
Put on Puig engine guards! (Listed as supporting 2017 F700GS and looked good)
Not ready for a Givi Aeroflow I decided to try the MRA X-CREEN Sport with clip on mount, mounted it and got it ready for not keeping air from me in city because I like the air at 90+F weather.
Tuesday after labor day I finally drove it again knowing I'll need every drop of gas in this dry town.
What I noticed was that there was a different feel and sound about the bike, I expected to possibly need sound deadening material for skid plate, based on some complaints I read online. I found I heard my engine less or different, in a good way, everything came across more exact, nothing louder or annoying and yes I heard the Anakee III at lower speeds too. Too cool I'm having my cake and get to eat it too? I'll take it.

Where I had put the X-CREEN the airflow was certainly affected. On another trip to Cycle Gear, I experimented with higher and higher positions to find a high speed setting and absolutely didn't keep airflow from hitting my face dead center. It's like the air now just goes between X-CREEN and stock windscreen allowing air to flow as it always does. So decided to move it lower to break that up and cause a different flow. Air keeps sneaking between both screens.
So I looked how I can ensure I deflect the still occurring main flow over the OEM windscreen and it looks like I can by going behind the OEM screen with the X-CREEN, that worked best of all attempts, need a longer ride in that configuration to be sure if it stays put, reversing it isn't in the design as it gets wider than the OEM screen allows. (For reference I'm 6'2" and air stream hits me just about at the eyes, I feel great on the bike, not cramped, but the OEM screen wasn't meant for me)

What happens when the bike gets quieter and quieter? You find it needs something changing that exhaust, none truly affect power in a huge way, so do we want to drop $750? No, we want one that doesn't promise performance, just a nicer tone.
Delkevic does have well received F800GS slip ons, not listed for F700GS…luckily a F800Riders member knew how to give me the certainty I sought, a way to compare OEM numbers of exhausts gives a pedant like my the undeniable facts needed to place that order.
Since Delkevic hadn't replied yet about my question about which size and shape gives an non obnoxious sound I pounced on the 18” Oval, figuring the smaller it gets the louder it would be.
Oval vs Tri-Oval vs round I did based on looks. (The day I received the exhaust I also got a reply from Delkevic confirming my size guess. And they let me know that the shape is decorative as they're all the same size internally independent of shape, when I told her I already ordered and that they likely could sell more if they listed it as fitting the F700GS, she said they would but are waiting on a spacer to add to the kit.
Honestly I have no idea what they could add, as it fits perfect.)
I put it on kind of late so didn't truly get to hear it until the next day.
And it's perfect for my taste, reminds me a lot of my old thumper now.
Won't drive me nuts on longer rides, can barely hear it when cruising, only when accelerating, best $215 I could have spent on an exhaust.
No remapping needed.

The bike only needs one more thing before it's done (bet you never heard that before “just one more thing”)
A Corbin seat or Sargent maybe, thing is I love my gray seat on my bike so I won't pounce unless I get a gray comfort seat.
Stock bench I have a one hour *** on, that's unfortunately something that doesn't seem to fix itself.
Comfort seats at least will be “it” if the Airhawk Dual Sport cushion doesn't work out for me.

To be clear, I am sitting on an internal combustion engine, everyone can feel that and there are vibrations telling you that, but they do not shake your handle bar to numb your hands. And that changed between driving it off the lot and break-in.
Current gas situation also shows you'll feel poor gas quality, I know I do.
The vibrations are very “tight”, “directed” or “behaved” if I had to try putting a label to the vibrations that are there.

Hope this ends up useful for someone, if not, it's still a great love letter to my bike.


Couple a small blips with Stock Exhaust:

And Delkevic Exhaust:

I think they were enough to demo the change, all depends on what device you listen to this.

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