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Re: Thinking of a KTM 500 EXC

Originally Posted by jetdr21 View Post
I personally would go with a lightly used XCW and convert it, because no smog stuff to start with and to switch to a bigger tank smog stuff (charcoal canister) has to be removed.. I have a 13 XCW and the most fun bike I have ever rode especially when it`s in its element. Big Bend!!

That response is a clear giveaway that you have not ridden a 2017. (just teasing).

I have owned multiple KTMs (two/three at a time) continuously since 2001, when I bought a 520 EXC. I still have that bike. KTM the company is pretty good about making incremental changes that make their new bike a bit better than the old model. Since 2001 KTM is on their 4th chassis revision. That is pretty conservative. That being said....

Each version is slightly improved over the previous. That is until now. The new chassis (I think I have said it now three times just in this thread) is a leap forward. I am not saying this to make everyone that has an old one feel bad about what they own. The older ones are still outstanding bikes. I have to keep telling that to myself too because I don't have a new one either. I have spent time on the new two strokes and the new four strokes. They are incredibly good, and I am not a blind KTM lover nor am I going to exaggerate. If you have the means to swing it, get the new one.

OK, I have been hooked, caught and released too many times on this thread already. Y'all fish for something else.
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Re: Thinking of a KTM 500 EXC

LOL catch and release ?
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Re: Thinking of a KTM 500 EXC

A really cool site in general, but here is his KTM 500 EXC build blog with pics and such,
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Re: Thinking of a KTM 500 EXC

Note to self........
Thou shall not touch a 2017 500exc.

I really love my old 525exc it never fails to put a smile on my face.
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Re: Thinking of a KTM 500 EXC

Originally Posted by Trail Boss View Post
You are in luck - Aaron S. over on advrider has been posting a ride report that answers your question. He rode his KTM 500 around New Zealand and then shipped it to the southern tip of South America. From there he rode it to Oregon.

He put 510 hours on the motor and rode 37,000 kilometers. He had the valves check in San Diego and they were fine. He did normal maintenance (oil changes, air filter cleaning) on the bike and had no major issues/failures.

He estimates that all his luggage weighed about 65 lbs or so.

Here is his summary, "...the bike has 510hrs and 37000k.
It's running as good as ever and not using oil between changes.

A couple things I liked about my set up was I was only as wide as my bars with the soft luggage which meant in cities I could lane split and I saved a huge amount of time getting through and out of big cities.

Another thing was it opens up more accommodation for you as it's surprising where some people will let you park if it fits in a door.

Oil changes ok yes I had to do them more often but it's so quick and easy and I would just stop when I saw a old bike workshop somewhere pay them a little money to take the old oil and it was also a good chance to meet more local people. They always loved looking over my bike.

Also the obvious which is I could go explore and get to more remote places than a big bike and not be worried about dropping it or getting stuck. I rode with a guy for part of Colombia who has years of experience but had to turn around on one of the days when we went exploring some back roads as it got muddy. It was the right choice for his bike (Transalp) but I carried on and it was a awesome road after the mud with a huge waterfall as a reward at the end of it.

Also going through the ruta las lagunas from San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni Bolivia I wouldn't of wanted to be on any other bike. Some days it's just hours of corners up over the Andes and down the other side and been so light I didn't tire as much as riding a huge overloaded bike.

Ok the downside. The seat. I got the seat concepts and it was worth every cent. It's still not as comfy as other bikes but not as bad as some say it is. I also like to stand a lot so my butt got a rest now and then and I was reminded more often to stand than other bikes.

Reliability is the big one people will bring up saying that it will never do that distance. Well I guess I proved that wrong.

Maybe I got lucky and got a good one now it's up to all of you out there to rack up the hours and miles to back me up on that point.

Sure it won't last as long as say a ktm990 or big BMW but it lasted long enough for me and 37000k will get you around the world so ask yourself how long will it take for you to wear one out?

If I had to do it over I would pick the same bike. It's not everyone's choice and I get that but I've always liked to ride dirt bikes over road bikes and I like the power the sound and the feel of that motor and not sure what other bike wheel stands as easy.

At the end of the day sure the bike may not be for everyone but the journey is so pick a bike any bike get your butt on it and go. There is a journey within all of us it's up to us to decide to take it."

Here is the link to his ride report. Worth reading in its entirety.
It's a good testimonial. I have more sincere questions regarding using these bikes as an ADV platform. That said, I'm going to move my future posts over to the 500 Adventure thread so that I do not risk distracting from Mike's objective with his thread.
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Re: Thinking of a KTM 500 EXC

Originally Posted by bwdmax View Post
Note to self........
Thou shall not touch a 2017 500exc.

I really love my old 525exc it never fails to put a smile on my face.
+1, of course if money were no object...
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Re: Thinking of a KTM 500 EXC

I have a 2015 500 xcw thats street legal. I put a Acerbis 3.5 gallon tank on it cause I like to keep the stock shrouds. Corbin seat and full FMF Exhaust with the Mega Bomb and F4.1 muffler. Did a little tweak to the computer and it was set. I like the xcw because I didn't have to deal with the emissions stuff. I also have a full warp 9 Sm setup for it.

Bike is a blast to ride. Have done several 5 to 7 day trips in Colorado and it never skips a beat. The FI is great and has very little power loss at really high altitudes. To be honest I rather ride it than my 990.
2015 KTM 500 XC-W
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