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Re: Clutch Slipping

Originally Posted by brcol View Post
I would agree with much of the above. Having the plates stuck together would not make them slip, quite the opposite actually. Time to buy a gasket and pull it apart.
I might not be good at describing what I am talking about but a bit of gunk on the plates will make them stick together while at the same time, not providing the same friction as the disk surface which is a bit like sand paper on mine. That gunk has to be cleaned off or the disk replaced. Only way to tell is to examine the plates.

This is a fairly common condition in the old Hondas I look at.

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Re: Clutch Slipping

I'm surprised no one has brought this up....Anything restricting the movement of the clutch lever to a fully resting position with almost zero contact with the master cylinder piston will cause this. As the engine warms, and the fluid heats up, it tries to return excess volume to the master cylinder reservoir. A partially restricted piston travel blocks the bleeder hole to the reservoir. So the system has a finite volume. And the expansion makes it act like one finger is slightly pulling in the clutch.

A lack of lever pivot and contact point lubrication will do the same thing by blocking the bleeder hole.

A particle blockage in the bleeder hole does the same thing as well.

On the brake side, I've personally witnessed a friend crash on the track due to a lever installed with the lever adjustment not allowing full piston return. One the clutch, I've seen a crash damaged hand guard restrict lever travel and cause a lockup. We had a brake issue last Mextrek from a hand guard restricting lever travel as well.

In the base case, it is super easy to check...other than looking at the physical lever assembly...just take off the cap on the reservoir. Pump the brake / clutch. If fluid swirls in the reservoir when you release the lever there is no blockage. 1 min check. Easy peasy.
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Re: Clutch Slipping

Good tip, Shadman.

Today I changed the fluid, and the problem seems to be alleviated. I'll be sure when I get a chance to take a longer ride, and everything gets to and stays at full operating temperature -- but it happened almost as soon as I left my driveway before, and I rolled around a couple of miles, giving it some sudden throttle, and did not notice the problem, so I think it's solved.

Thanks all for the advice and support. Keep on rollin'!

Dave Kelsen
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