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Crisp and Telico. South of Dallas

So went out for a short 100 mile jaunt today to check out these two ghost towns. Crisp was all but gone except for a few residences and a Cemetary. Telico I'm not sure if I'd even call that a Ghost Town as there was plenty of residential activity, a volunteer fire station and what looked like a few buildings getting renovated.

Once I got a little ways out of Dallas I jumped off the highway and hit the back roads

The Crips Cemetary, gated and locked. Was on a nice gravel road though. Looked like there were some very old graves in the back but couldn't get close to check them out for dates

Open field across from the cemetary

The only other significant thing in Crisp besides a few homes is the power substation.

Lines going away from the substation

Between the cemetary and the substation. One sign on each side of "town".

That's the direction I'm going. There were a ton of Bluebonnets.

Onward to Telico. And another locked Cemetary gate. Do they have problems with graverobbers south of Dallas?

The road going to the Cemetary was short but nice.

Again not something I'd consider a Ghost Town if it has a functional volunteer firedepartment.

Single Room schoolhouse. Looked to be on private property.

Some buildings appear to be being renovated there

Turned to head back towards Dallas and went though Bristol.

Click link to see full size image of the school house

I need to go this way. Maybe I can get around it?

Uh no I can't because apparently even though it's on maps as a public road it's actually a "private road" and there's no way to get though. Wish I could figure out how to make public roads my own Oh well lets go around I see a road on the GPS that should get me back on route.............

That's not going to least on the Strom. I'm not that good at Jumping motorcycles. The road where the power line is at is where I was trying to get to.

Nice looking area though.

No other pics after that, On the way out I tried one other way and stumbled across a gate with a large sign that said invited guests only. Gate was adorned with a large "Scorpions M/C" sign. Didn't even think to stop and snap a picture as it was lunch time and I was hungry and the Local Oak in Dallas was calling my name. Rest of the ride was uneventful.

I did run into three guys in Bristol that were looking for gas (as was I) but the gas pumps there were deceptive as the store actually sold no gas. Closest gas was in Ferris. One guy on a Tiger 800 I think, another on a CRF250L i think and I can't remeber what the other guy was on. We were going opposite directions but they went into Ferris to fuel up. I wound up fueling in Ferris after my zig zag pattern on the backroads trying to find my way to the route I wanted to take.

Can't wait to get out and ride to some more Ghost Towns. Hoepfully I can make it up towards the towns along the Red River next.
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focus frenzy
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Re: Crisp and Telico. South of Dallas

what's the story on the UFO that was following you around and can be seen in many of your pictures?
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Re: Crisp and Telico. South of Dallas

One on the ground too!

Looks like you were over sight seeing around my end of town. Good stuff.
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Re: Crisp and Telico. South of Dallas

I used to live in Bristol.

Can you imagine the capital of Texas being 20 miles south of Dallas?
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