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Re: Crashing Our Way Through Mexico - The Furious Five Draw First Blood

bravo !
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Re: Crashing Our Way Through Mexico - The Furious Five Draw First Blood

The helper's name must have been Chris (just like Pat-not sure whats goin on there) BUT DANG they both can grill some orange chican and are mighty handy with their sausages. And the truth is there was no other eatery open, they were our last option but Ken and Doug winked their way into their kind hearts to reopen the grill for some 1 HR chican while the cervezas kept on coming while Rocky 2 was on the tube.

Following JT down that riverbed is top on my bucketlist memories that I really cant wait for a repeat one day soon in the near future.

Trailboss lead from behind taking great photos, documenting every angle, and making sure no one was left behind. Its a pleasure riding with Rich. The feeling I got of being enveloped in extraordinary scenery, fear of bottomless cliffsides, experiencing a true adventure and apart of a crack team of explorers, I would see the same in Rich's smile and thumbs up at every turn.

Cowboy Ken and his six shooter was always there to help out, make fun of your fall and put you back on the saddle of your mule. Thanks Ken, I will ride with you again every chance I get.

Doug and his mid fives (not a low, not a high five) made this Mex Adv a reality for me. Gracias mi hermano. Nor change of plans, nor flat tires, nor JT specials, nor thunderstorms, nor chican coops, nor slick switchbacks, nor muddy falls, nor oily pavement falls, nor missing turns, nor unsavory roach motels, kept Doug from delivering Zeke back to his wife and kids.

Those are some real Furious Four riders !!

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