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Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Buying the Goldwing in July of 2012 reinvigorated Linda's desire for longer motorcycle trips. After getting the Wing properly set up, we took a great trip to the Smoky’s in 2013, in 2015 to Nova Scotia, and in 2017 to take a ride on the Durango Silverton RR.

With having a new owner of the company my work hours have remained crazy this year. That said, I would get in a week in Big Bend after this trip on the WR250R and a few long weekend rides.

Linda has talked about seeing the Black Hills often and on over the years. So that’s we are headed along with a side trip to Iowa on the way home. Since the roads to the Black Hills can be challenging to stay awake on, we decided to make it a little more interesting. Using as a guide we were determined to see as many old Tourist Attractions as we could fit in. We would also be trying the Darkside on the Wing for the first time. Darkside comments later on.

Day 1 Fort Worth to Elk City, Oklahoma 255 Miles

Day one was supposed to be 9/11. The weather was supposed to be nice for the next few days with rain forecast for the weekend. At the last minute I opted to leave work after a half day on Monday and hit the road. I had spent more time than should be allowed by law looking at our routes and looking at the Roadside America website. So right out of the gate I miss our planned stop do to brain fart on my part. No worries, we went by it a few Saturday’s ago so a file photo file have to do.

Worlds Largest Bowie Knife, Bowie Texas

Next planned stop was the Artificial Water Falls in Wichita Falls. We missed this one because it is best viewed South Bound and we were headed North. Tried to take a photo a few weekends ago and it wasn’t running.

When was the last time you saw an ICBM in a park across the street from and Elementary school? In Altus, Oklahoma.

Old Phillips 66 also in Altus.

Our destination for the night was Elk City on old route 66.

We stayed at the World-Famous Flamingo Inn for the night for around $60. Had probably our worst meal of the trip next door at the Mexican place. It was even worse than the Mexican food I with my buddy in Front Royal, Virginia a few rides ago.

Day 2 Elk City to Grand Island, NE 450 miles.

We got up to a light mist and cloudy. After a nice breakfast we headed out. Was originally thinking Hays, KS would be our stopping point. Altus is a military town so leaving town wouldn’t be complete without an aircraft photo.

Next photo stop was Woodward, Oklahoma to look at a Stegosaurus. Unfortunately, the big one was no longer there so the Wing had to do.

Another state added for Linda.

Next stop Kingsley first for gas and then to see the midpoint Highway 50. Known as the loneliest road in America where it crosses Nevada.

Next attraction was in Lacrosse. Unfortunately for us nothing was open on Tuesday.

Next stop would be in Hays at the Monarch of the Plains.

What started cool and a little misty was no getting pretty warm in the mid 90’s. It would have been easy to stop here for the day because of the heat but it was too early for that. We headed North towards Phillipsburg. While getting a snack and drink for lunch, an old time local chewed our ears off about the town and history. There wasn’t much in town we decided to ride a little farther for the day.

Rode by here many years ago on one on mine John’s trips and just flew past it. Not this time.

What a great place for the Geographic Center of the lower 48, smack dap in the middle of nowhere. We still had one more border to cross today. Another new state for Linda.

When its in the mid 90’s there is nothing like cold drink. We are in Hastings, NE at the home Cool Aid.

We were very hot and tired and unfortunately at the point and there were no rooms in Hastings due to the largest farm equipment trade show in the area, so we continued on a little farther. We wound up in a very overpriced Hotel at I-80 and 281. The front desk lady apologized and the rate 2.5x the normal rate because of the equipment show.

Today was the longest mileage day Linda has ever done a motorcycle at 450 miles.

Day 3 Grand Island to Chadron, NE 337 Miles.

We both slept pretty good last night. After breakfast in the Hotel we continued on weaving our way towards the Black Hills.

Somehow, we must have made a wrong turn. LOL Well not really, this was a planned photo stop.

We were headed towards the Sand Hills:

The Sandhills, often written Sand Hills, is a region of mixed-grass prairie on grass-stabilized sand dunes in north-central Nebraska, covering just over one quarter of the state. The dunes were designated a National Natural Landmark in 1984.

Most of you know him as Crew Chief but some us know him by his last name.

It was getting hot again today and we were both a little spent from yesterday. After lunch and an Ice Cream in Alliance we were off again, but not before stopping to see some art.

The last half of the day we were having off and on problems communicating on our until now ever faithful Sena’s. Hot and tired we pulled the plug in Chadron. Soon after getting in to our room I found the problem. The helmet clip on Linda’s helmet was broken and mine had a pretty good crack in it. After cooling off Linda walked next door to do laundry and I walked up the street to the hardware store. The store was pretty interesting inside, but I was on a mission.

Was planning on using my old standby JB Weld to fix the clip. The nice guy working in the store suggested something else. The stuff he recommended work great along with some 3M double stick tape. I was a Doubting Thomas but this worked great:

I have used the same kit to fix several other small parts successfully.

Day 4 Chadron to Spearfish, SD 180 Miles

Today would be a short mileage day so we had time to do some sightseeing. First, we had to cross another state border.

Oelrichs, SD Centennial Project

Next stop is the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs.

“The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, South Dakota is a museum and paleontological site near Hot Springs, South Dakota. It is an active paleontological excavation site at which research and excavations are continuing. The area of Mammoth Site of Hot Springs enclose a prehistoric sinkhole that formed and was slowly filled with sediments during the Pleistocene era. The sedimentary fill of the sinkhole contains the remains of Pleistocene fauna and flora preserved by entrapment and burial within a sinkhole. This site has the greatest concentration of mammoth remains in the world. As of 2016, the remains of 61 mammoths, including 58 North American Columbian and 3 woolly mammoths had been recovered. Mammoth bones were found at the site in 1974, and a museum and building enclosing the site were established. The museum now contains an extensive collection of mammoth remains.”

Next Stop would be Bedrock

Moving right along through the Black Hills we decided to check out Crazy Horse and grab lunch.

We had planned on making our next stop tomorrow, but it was still early so we stopped at Mount Rushmore.

It was getting towards the end of the afternoon so we headed back out of the Blacks Hills towards Rapid City where we took I-90 to our hotel for the next few nights in Spearfish. After getting checked in we walked across the parking lot to a Perkins for Supper before calling it a night.

The weather was perfect today and the scenery and tourist stops were awesome.

Day 5 Spearfish to Spearfish 200 miles

We had a couple options today. We decided to make a loop that would take in Devils Tower in Wyoming. First, we had to get there. It was cool and slightly misty when we left the Hotel like it had been the previous couple mornings.

Our second Geographic Center of the US on this trip. This one in Belle Fourche, SD includes Alaska and Hawaii.

Now were getting a long way from home.

This would be as far to the Northwest as this ride would take us.

Route 112 from Alzada, MT to Devils was scenic and curvy but a little chilly as turned South into a very cool South Wind. Soon enough we would be a Devils Tower.

“Devils Tower was the first United States National Monument, established on September 24, 1906, by President Theodore Roosevelt.[7] The monument's boundary encloses an area of 1,347 acres (545 ha)”

Linda decide she wanted to walk around Devils bottom of the tower.

With stops it took us a couple hours to walk around. I thought she was crazy to do this in riding gear. However, when we got done, we both felt great from getting stretched out after days of riding all day.

On the way out stopped to check the Prairie dogs. They are interesting little creatures, and where the is one there is a whole community of them.

It was now nice and warm out. After a late lunch we were on the move again. Our next stop would be in Sundance, WY.

Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, better known as the Sundance Kid got his nickname while spending 18 months in jail for getting caught stealing a gun, a horse, and saddle from a ranch near Sundance.

A slightly newer jail in Sundance than the one the Sundance Kid stayed in.

We would continue on to Four Corners before heading back into the Black Hills. We would take a left on 14A to ride through Spearfish Canyon.

At one stop there were a few old bikes parked. The folks stopped said there was an AMCA National event going in Deadwood, and this part of the day loop they were riding.

After a great day of riding we would be back in Spearfish. We had a pretty good supper in of all places a Dickies Barbeque, one of two in south Dakota, before calling it another fantastic day.

Day 6 Spearfish to Spearfish 180 miles.

The forecast for today was for another day of awesome weather. Black Hills here we come. We headed out to the Boondocks and to Hill City for an early lunch.

We had a nice lunch over at the Mangy Moose.

Hill City was a nice little town but definitely on the tourist side of things.

Very twisty roads would be next on today’s agenda. We headed into Custer State Park on the Needles Highway and then on to Iron Mountain Rd. The roads were slow and twisty the scenery breathtaking. In no real order.

Not a great photo, but in the bright spot in the middle you can see Mount Rushmore.

It had been a great day riding, but the slow speeds and frequent stops were taking its toll on daylight hours. One more stop to go outside of Rapid City.

We were tired and it was getting late so opted for I-90 again to get back to Spearfish. We were treated to another beautiful sunset.

Day 8 Spearfish to Sturgis 35 Miles

Today is our last day of riding in the Black Hills area and our shortest ride. It is also one of the main events of our trip. Before that we to get there.

Sunrise over the Perkins restaurant across the parking lot from the Hotel.

In no time flat we were in Deadwood. Last time I was in Deadwood many years the whole gambling thing was just really getting rolling. Deadwood is still neat to visit but to me has lost a little of its charm with how commercialized it is now.

We had a couple hours to burn so we took and interesting bus tour of dead wood.

After our quick tour in Deadwood we headed to Sturgis.

We grabbed a burger for lunch and then checked out the local bike museum. It was a small museum but a fun way to spend an hour or so.

A quick stop for another Roadside America attraction.

After the museum we headed to down to Harley Davidson way to see what we came all the way for. The arrival of the Cannonball Rally participants.

We were a little early and Linda was thinking what’s the big deal. We weren’t the only ones here to watch the spectacle.

The calm before the storm. We went in to the Fireside Lounge for a beer at the bar where we could here when bikes started showing up.

It would soon get really busy with riders checking in. ADV character RTW Doug arriving. I normally buy a shirt from Doug to help support his ride. Doug was only one of a two riders this year that rode without a support truck.

A little more on Doug’s travels.

Linda with Pat Simmons of the Doobie Brothers.

Not an old bike, but non the less a well-traveled bike.

A few more from the spectacle.

Frank Westfall from Syracuse, NY. He won the 2016 edition on a Henderson 4.

Any one know who the guy in purple is?

His daughter was one of the competitors this year.

These poor bikes didn’t make the full ride today.

After walking around for a few hours and having Pizza and Wings in the Knuckle Saloon. it was time to call it a day but not before viewing this Interesting art on the main drag.

Day 9 Sturgis to Wall 142 Miles

Our original thought for today was to head to the Campground where the Cannonball Riders were staying was to do some more visiting and watch some wrenching on the bikes before heading East. After not doing much riding yesterday and a nice weather forecast, we decided to head out after breakfast for a leisurely ride today to Wall.

We left Sturgis and instead of taking the highway to Rapid City we decide to ride Vanocker Canyon road. It was a very nice scenic and twisty road.

Past Rapid City the road flattened out pretty quick. Headed out route 44 where stopped in the village of Scenic to the Pterodactyl Monument. Scenic was just a wide spot it in the road that saw its best days a looong time ago.

Onwards to the Badlands. We had lunch in Interior before enjoying our ride in the National Park. We visited with two nice guys from Minnesota that had also been visiting the Black Hills that were on their way home.

The Badlands were really neat. We had a great ride on a beautiful afternoon.

All too soon we would be in Wall. After checking to our room we walked to check you the Gigantic Emporium know as Wall Drug, but first we has to stop at a Roadside America photo spot in a non-descript residential street to check out at a yard full of animal sculptures.

Just as got to the house a kitten jumped out of the bushes and wouldn’t let us pass until we petted her for a long while.

You can see the kitten between my feet still looking for some more attention.

While we were petting the cat looking at the unusual yard art a car pulled in the driveway a very elderly gentleman and his wife got out of the car. We had an awesome visit. The yard art was made by the home owner in the basement as a hobby. No idea how he got them out and in to the yard. He told us he was told he would never make a living with out a college a degree. He told us he proved them wrong by starting and building up a concrete company and that he made more money than he could ever spend. Linda and I were humbled and honored to have such a great visit with two wonderful people. If their kitten hadn’t jumped out of the bushes to be petted, we never would have had this chance meeting.

Tourist Emporium extravaganza.

“The small town drugstore made its first step towards fame when it was purchased by Ted Hustead in 1931. Hustead was a Nebraska native and pharmacist who was looking for a small town with a Catholic church in which to establish his business. He bought Wall Drug, located in a 231-person town in what he referred to as "the middle of nowhere," and strove to make a living. Business was very slow until his wife, Dorothy, thought of advertising free ice water to parched travelers heading to the newly opened Mount Rushmore monument 60 miles (97 km) to the west. From that time on business was brisk. Wall Drug grew into a cowboy-themed shopping mall/department store. Wall Drug includes a western art museum, a chapel based on the one found at New Melleray Abbey near Dubuque, Iowa, and an 80-foot (24 m) brontosaurus that can be seen right off Interstate 90. It was designed by Emmet Sullivan who also created the dinosaurs at Dinosaur Park in Rapid City and Dinosaur World in Arkansas.”

It was interesting tourist stop. We had fun walking around looking at everything.

After checking out Wall Drug we ate across the street at small dinner and walked for a bit before turning in.

Day 10 Wall to Albert Lea, MN 470 Miles

After 9 days of fantastic weather our luck was forecast to run out. I had planned two days to get to our next destination of National Motorcycle Museum. With the weather forecast looking ominous the next few days we decided to make the day an Interstate only day to get as far east as we could.

Sunrise under the Wall Drug Dinosaur.

We had planned to stop here and potentially go down in a Missile Silo, but it wasn’t open and we didn’t want to burn any rain free miles.

The Whitetail Deer made of Car Parts in Kadoka was very well done.

Unfortunately, our next stop a few miles up the road wasn’t open either.

Its not every day you see a Skeleton Man Walking a Skeleton Dinosaur.

East Bound and Down, loaded up and truckin’. Traffic was light and the Speed limit was marked at 80. With cruise set on 87 the Wing would pass anything but a gas station. LOL

We had skipped breakfast for an early start and it was time to feed the bike and our bellies. The next Roadside attraction was open been since we made the call to hammer on East before the rain started we passed on the couple hours we would need at the to spend at the museum.

Back at it and starting to cloud up.

We blew by the 50 Foot Tall Indian Women as there was no good place to stop.

Soon enough it was time for a break and a stretch in Mitchell at the Corn Palace.

“The World's Only Corn Palace is located just minutes off of Interstate 90 in the heart of Mitchell. Our peak season is Memorial Day through Labor Day (late May through early September). When you visit during this time, you see the Corn Palace come to life as it is redecorated annually with new corn, grain and grass to showcase a new theme. However, the Corn Palace is never completely bare, so you will always see a building that is truly an American icon.”

These boys make the Wing look tiny.

Mini Jackalope anyone?

After many miles in South Dakota it was time for another new state. The roads would be wet off and the rest of the afternoon until we called it a day in Albert Lea, MN. Linda’s longest riding day ever at 470 miles.

Day 11 Albert Lea to Anamosa. IA 200 Miles

It was mostly dry overnight, and would start raining right before we got out of the parking lot. Today would be a pretty short mileage day that seemed longer than yesterday because of the foul weather.

Next new state came before sun up in the pouring rain.

The rain was really bad here. The monsoon kind that comes down when the radar shows red. It was pretty cool out with lets of standing water on the road. I was being very cautious but I knew Linda was pretty tense. There was enough standing water on the road in places that when we were passed by tractor trailers, we were hit with waves of water. By the time we got to Waterloo we both needed a break. We were both soaked to the skin under our “waterproof” gear and pretty chilled.

It wasn’t too much farther so we soldiered on to Anamosa. As luck would have it there was a Super 8 right across from the Museum. We got unloaded and hung our wet gear all over the room. Since is was only noon and were a half day ahead of schedule we grabbed our umbrellas and headed for lunch and the Museum.

Inside the McDonalds we had a lunch in were all kinds of neat motorcycle memorabilia. Even Ronald is a biker.

I have wanted to visit the National Motorcycle Museum for a long time, and we are finally here. I stopped by the museum many years ago on another ride when it was downtown but it wasn’t open so we motored on. It is now housed in an old Walmart that is completely stuffed.

For those that have been to Barber this is a different kind of Museum. At Barber most of the bikes are meticulously restored on pedestals like being displayed in a Fine art museum. Almost a little antiseptic, if that makes sense. The NMM on the other hand looks like it was curated by someone(s) who loves all things motorcycles as you will see below.

Old Photo of the Daytona Beach course.

This one should end the photos, LOL.

We spent about 3 and half hours in the museum, and could have spent another 4 or 5 hours there. The number of things to look at if you are a motorcycle junkie like me is staggering. I highly recommend visiting the NMM.

We had an early supper and then went back to the room to work on getting more of gear dried out for tomorrow.

Day 12 Anamosa to Lake of the Ozarks, MO 375 Miles

It rained pretty good all night but thankfully the rain was pretty much finished by the time we got up. With our two main stops for this trip behind us it was time to head for home, but not before we stop at a few more Roadside America tourist oddities.

First stop, Iowa City, IA. My buddy Don Baack from work grew up in this neck of the woods on a dairy farm. I sent him the photo below and to my amazement he replied we were 12 miles from the family farm he grew up on. Small world.

Next stop would be where Captain James T. Kirk will be born on March 22, 2233.

Soon enough we rolled on to the next state.

Crossing the Mississippi in to the next state.

We meandered South along the East bank of the mighty Mississippi. It would be a quick visit to Illinois and then back to Missouri to visit with Mark Twain. This is far East as we would go this ride.

The man himself overlooking the mighty Mississippi.

After the cold rain we had been in off and on, today it was getting hot and humid. It was time for lunch and a giant Mug of Root Beer.

Mark seems to be everywhere near Hannibal.

We got rained on a couple times with quick showers that felt pretty nice on a hot humid day. As we rolled South West the landscape started changing, becoming much more scenic. After a nice ride for the day we decided to spend the night in Lake of the Ozarks. It was really beautiful here. It was off season so Hotels Rooms were plentiful. It looked like on season it would be a real hopping place. We would like to visit here again when we can spend a little more time.

Before finding a hotel, we had stop for a quick visit with Injun Joe.

We checked in to the Hotel and got in to some cooler clothes. The lady at the Hotel desk recommended a Barbeque place for dinner. She warned us that even off season sometimes the wait is a long one. We got lucky and got right in at one of the last available tables. Dinner did not disappoint.

After a big dinner we headed back to the room and both fell asleep pretty early.

Day 13 Lake of the Ozarks to Russellville. AR 269 miles

We were starting to closer to the rain that had been going on South of us for almost the whole time we have been gone. We had planned to stay either in Branson or Eureka Springs. Since we were a half day ahead of plan we decided to ride until the rain Started. We also decided to alter our route to stay out of the rain as long as possible since the forecast was calling for heavy ran and flash flooding basically the rest of the way home.

There is supposed to be a car from the old “I Love Lucy” show on display in here. The store wasn’t open yet when we were passing through.

Headed South West.

Interesting place for a Telescope.

On the road towards Branson.

After buying some souvenirs in Branson, Linda decided she would like to try and get home a day early. Looking at how close we were getting to the massive rain front we decided we to stay on the East of the front until we got into the heavy rain. We were shooting to get to Hot Springs, AR.

On one of my favorite roads in this neck of the woods. Scenic Byway 7 North of Jasper.

No trip through here is complete with a stop at the Cliff House for a late lunch.

The weather is getting more damp each mile as we head South. We were making pretty good time until this.

Just South of Dover the sky opened up big time. We decided to stop in at Honda of Russellville to get out of the rain, look at the radar, and figure out our next move.

After checking out the new Wing, the just delivered CRF450L and the radar, we decide to stay in Russellville for the night. Good thing we did as the weather front finally caught up with us with monsoon rain.

We got unloaded changed and headed to the Steakhouse next door for supper.

It poured all night with no end in rain in sight when we drifted off to sleep.

Day 14 Russellville, AR to Home 460 Miles

It was still pouring cats and dogs when we got up in the morning and weather map showed it pretty nasty all the way from Russellville back to the house. We waited until it had almost stopped and then decide to take the long way home to stay out of as much rain as possible by going to Oklahoma City (OKC) and then down I-35 which for the most part would less ride around the front. The only thing we worried about was what was OKC like since it had flooding rains the day before.

We rode in misty rain most of the way to OKC with only a couple real quick showers.

In OCK sun actually came out for a few minutes while we stopped for gas and lunch. Looking at the radar it looked like we like we might get wet just North of the Texas border. We were hoping the front would move East by the time we got there. No such luck. Although it dumped on us pretty good it was nothing like the rain we had in Minnesota and Iowa several days earlier.

A couple more hours and we would be home.

Put a 3 in front of Trip B on the lower right for our total mileage.

3700ish miles
13 States
High Temp 94
Low Temp 45
1 Equipment Failure
1 Bucket List Item checked off


After last year’s ride in September we decided the potential for awesome riding weather out weighed the uncertainty of really bad weather. The first 9 days of the trip we had spectacular traveling weather. The last few days not so much. Considering it rained everyday at home while we were gone, it was a great time to be gone for a ride. The time spent researching for the routes we planned paid off big time in the fun we had stopping to check out tourist oddities all along our route. Expect more of this in future ride reports.

Linda had an awesome ride with no issues no issues and got to see parts of the country she had not seen previously. Linda got to visit a bunch of states she had never been to before and the three long days were the longest days Linda has ridden. I mentioned this last year, but It is just so fantastic for me be able to share these trips together with Linda.

Lastly, we went to the Darkside on the back of the Wing for this trip. All in all, Darksiding the Wing has been a very favorable experience. The ride is great, the tire runs a lot cooler and is wearing very well. It has a few handling quirks under certain road conditions, but overall the positives far outweigh the negatives.

All of our photos from this ride are available here:

Some people buy motorcycles for road trips
while others buy them for ego trips.

Where's Rich been lately?

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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

That’s quite the slide show!

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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Nice report. If you were on I-90 when you took the picture of Linda by the Minnesota sign/rest area, you were about three miles from where I grew up, Valley Springs, SD

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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Looks like you had a great time.

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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Thanks for taking us along. Lots of places I'd likely not be able to see other wise.
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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Great ride report and photos. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Great report. thanks Rich.
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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Good job Rich! Great detail and pics.
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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Thanks for sharing, Rich. Great trip.


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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Epic journey
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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Thank you for the ride along, nice report. Glad y'all had a great time!
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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Originally Posted by _RG_ View Post
Thanks for taking us along. Lots of places I'd likely not be able to see other wise.
Originally Posted by El_Chamiso View Post
Great ride report and photos. Thanks for sharing.
Ditto. Thanks and such a cool trip. Makes me want to get a Gold Wing and go.

This picture has to win the thread though

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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Originally Posted by Jarrett View Post
Ditto. Thanks and such a cool trip. Makes me want to get a Gold Wing and go.

This picture has to win the thread though

I was trying to figure out how he got up there

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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Darkside = car tire on rear?

I am with you on that bike museum in the old Wal-Mart. I could spend days in there just poking around looking at stuff. Every time I visit a place like that I feel rushed, especially if my wife and kids are with me
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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Originally Posted by TGTUMBLEWEED View Post
I was trying to figure out how he got up there

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First I lassoed it...

Some people buy motorcycles for road trips
while others buy them for ego trips.

Where's Rich been lately?

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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Originally Posted by Tourmeister View Post
Darkside = car tire on rear?

I am with you on that bike museum in the old Wal-Mart. I could spend days in there just poking around looking at stuff. Every time I visit a place like that I feel rushed, especially if my wife and kids are with me
Yes Car tire. Bridgestone Driveguard to be exact.

At 3.5 hours Linda was pooped out and I wasn't far behind being tired after the cold wet ride we had in the morning, and 470 day we put in the day before.

She promised we could visit it again so I can spend a another whole day or more inside.

Some people buy motorcycles for road trips
while others buy them for ego trips.

Where's Rich been lately?

Africa Twin / Goldwing / Super Tenere / WR250R / ST1300 / KLR650 / GS1000S / GT750 / H2 750 / H1 500
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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

It appears we took the exact same trip, and just weeks apart.

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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Wow! What a trip ya'll took. From my old memories, lots of things have changed since my days of travel to the same locations. Some, not so much. Totally enjoyed going though the many pictures. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Nice report Rich! Brought back lots of good memories from my past rides. Good on Linda for putting up with being Pillion!!!

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Where I have ridden
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Re: Road Trip 2018 - The Black Hills and more...

Nice report!

Clouds in my coffee
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