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Re: Road Rage at San Marino GP

Originally Posted by OldTLSDoug View Post
.... So, I would point out, the sanctions he received from the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM) were a mere slap on the hand. ....
Please correct me, I haven't seen where FIM has yet issued any sanction or officially ruled on the incident? Only notice that he's been called to FIM HQ for 'discussion' (link to RRW article in post 10 above).

Yes, Dorna, FMI (Italy), his Team, his future team, have all spoken / 'ruled' on their respective behalves, but AFAIK FIM's ruling is still 'pending'?

No illusions about anything 'gentlemanly' about pro racing any more than any other pro sport. It's a high-dollar enterprise for all involved .... riders, owners, venues, sanctioning bodies, media, sponsors, etc, etc .... all exemplars of the most competitive Type-A personalities and organizations, all motivated by all sorts of incentives other than 'gentlemanliness'.
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