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Re: Ticket dismissal class

Originally Posted by Johnf3 View Post
That may be an accurate statement with older or cheaper detectors, but there are plenty of high end detectors that filter out false alerts from all the driving "aids" that new cars have. On top of that, there are now apps (I run a V1 detector) that, through bluetooth, connect your phone and your detector together. The programming in the app quiets your detector and improves the performance on the bands (mostly Ka in Texas) and frequencies that law enforcement uses.

The situational awareness increase that my set up provides is far from practically useless. I am not a way-over-the-limit speeder but I will cruise up to 10-15 mph over depending on the traffic, which here in West Texas is often very light. My V1 goes everywhere I do when I hit the road.
My experience as well. I haven't ventured into the phone apps yet, I need to look into that. After I sent my V1 in for updating a year or two ago, it went from unusable to very effective again.
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Re: Ticket dismissal class

That's encouraging... and a good excuse to retire the old RD and upgrade.
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Re: Ticket dismissal class

Back in the Y2K days I and an Escort radar detector and loved it, it worked flawlessly for years. But being on a bike it was in the weather and rained on many times. After about 5 years it finally quit working. At the time they were about $500. I went for years without one and got caught several times in my cage.

So, about 4 years ago I bought a cheap Cobra on Amazon for $69. Does it work? Eh, but not as good as my Escort. The range is quite short when it alerts and there are spots where it just beeps nonstop, such as I-35 south of Ft worth all the way to Alvarado. It has however saved me many times, and since I've had it I have not gotten any tickets. I also never got a ticket the 5 years I had the Escort. As you get older there are two factors, slowing down and situational awareness. Now we do a lot of driving from Oklahoma to Austin and the speed limit on 35 is 75 in most places and 70 in others with only a very few spots where its 65. I do plan on buying another Escort in the near future, they better detectors are well worth the money.
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