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questions about ktm 390 duke

I've been checking out a 2015 ktm 390 duke. I've read a few reviews but looking for input from someone with firsthand experience riding them. I'm about 5'11--190lbs.

will it run highway speeds without getting to buzzy
how is it on gravel roads with the right tires
dependability and longevity when maintained
Is maintenance a pain for a mechanically inclined DIYer
fuel mileage, comfort, etc.
pros, cons


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Re: questions about ktm 390 duke

I have only brief experience with it, one came in when I used to work at a Suzuki dealer oddly enough for an oil change and rear tire. I took it for a short ride afterward. I remember it being pretty punchy for an entry level bike and it pulling to 90 without much effort.

Buzzy? Yeah, it's no gold wing. I wouldn't go so far as to say the vibration is a deal breaker, but I could definitely see it becoming tedious on a longer ride, but then again, this is not a bike for long rides. Riding position is relatively sporty, and in typical KTM fashion the seat is an absolute brick.

The one I rode also had pretty snatchy fueling at lower speeds also, although this seems to be a problem that affects most of KTMs thumpers. Flash/tune and adjusting the TPS usually cures it.

I can't really say about reliability, or off road ability- sure you can find some 50/50 tires for it and have some fun on a dirt road if you really wanted, but that's kind of missing the point of this. If you want to venture off road, I'd look more toward the EXC line.

The bike is more oriented toward sporty, twisty canyon blasts or track use. If you're looking for an all-rounder or daily commuter companion, I'd probably look elsewhere.
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