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The boy's new Ninja

Hi All.

My son turned 15 in May. He's been doing motorized things ever since he was 5. We started out racing Karts in Waco years ago. He couldn't hardly wait until he was able to ride or drive something legally. So a couple years ago he started mowing yards, and fixing and selling mowers. This gave him enough money to buy a couple of non running cars, and a non running scooter. We replaced the tank and cleaned the carb on the scooter and it ran like a top, so we put it up for sale. Made 1100 bucks. He immediately started hunting for a motorcycle.

He took his MSF course on a CBR250 and really liked it. That's what he was looking for initially, but they were all out of his price range. He started seeing these Ninja 250's for under 1500, but most were unfortunate victim's of a learner's first bike. Rashed plastics, missing turn signals, broken levers, you name it.

Eventually we kept seeing this one ad being posted over and over with the price coming down each time. It almost looked too good to be true. The bike looks showroom-fresh. It had Two Brothers cans, and a Uni filter, so of course it didn't run right! It would only run on choke and the seller posted a video of how easy it starts on the choke. The bike looked perfect.

We tried emailing the seller, over and over. No response. He was using the anonymous craigslist email, and I guess it wasn't getting through to him. We eventually direct messaged him through Youtube and got a response! I talked to him on the phone, and sent him 100 bucks through paypal to hold it for us, which he was happy to do.

A couple days later I rented a uhaul trailer and we set off to Lago Vista after I picked up the boy from school. Met the seller, bought the bike, and two days later we had it running!

I went up a size on the mains and fiddled with the pilot screws and it runs well. I think I need to go up a size on the pilots to get it just right though. I still need to sync the carbs though. I am impressed with this little thing. It pulls well all the way to redline, even with my big butt on it. Impressive for a little 250!

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