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Howdy from Oldie Newbie

Howdy everyone,
I just got approved so I will now start talking instead of just lurking around. I am Critter and from Galveston County. I have ridden and tinkered on HDs most of my life, riding mostly on road. I did have access to a Lambreta that started off my motorized riding, but had to ride it off road. My buddy had a Huskavarian (I am not the best speller in the world) and learned a lot from it. I then moved up to HD Pan Head Choppers and learned a lot about over the road travel, and even took them off the road a little, and found that they are hard to drive in deep sand. I have been ridding a 01 Boss Hoss 350 for 8 or so years now, and really love it. I do want to get back to some light dual sport riding and am looking at a GSA. I have done some long distance rallys and have been passed by all night by BMWs and Gold wings while on my HDs, and have always had a good respect for them. I maybe taking a leap and getting GSA to see if it is a good as everyone thinks, and I secretly believe it is. Anyway, I look forward to meeting you all and continue learning from all of you. Thanks for letting me on-board.
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Texas T
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Re: Howdy from Oldie Newbie

Welcome Critter. If rallying does interest you then you can't go wrong with the GSA.
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Welcome! GSA and light dual sport, a contradiction in terms. I too need to go test ride one just to see what the fuss is all about.
Jeff Hansen
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Re: Howdy from Oldie Newbie

Originally Posted by Critter View Post
...I have been ridding a 01 Boss Hoss 350 for 8 or so years now, and really love it. I do want to get back to some light dual sport riding and am looking at a GSA.
I have to laugh at the "...light dual sport" and "GSA" in the same sentence. Then again, if you're coming off the Boss 350, that GSA will feel like the lightest DS in the world to you. (and yes, they ARE awesome....)



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Welcome Critter.

Check out the Pie Run coming up this weekend in Crockett at the Moosehead Cafe.

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Talking Re: Howdy from Oldie Newbie

Welcome Critter,
We have a weekly bike night that you are welcome to attend, we meet somewhere in or around the Clear Lake / Kemah area! Last week we met at Tookies, the week before we were at Stomps, for a long time we met at Joe Lees, you will just have to keep an eye on the thread (Clear Lake Bike Night Wednesday)

Hope to see you soon!
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Re: Howdy from Oldie Newbie

Mmmm... Tookies... Good to know it still exists. We used to eat lunch there quite often back in the late 80's and early 90's when I was working for Lockheed.

Welcome to the site!

I've owned an 1150 GS and now have a 1200 GS (neither are the Adventure model). Love both. I've ridden the GSA models. Bigger gas tanks and more weight, also maybe a tad higher seating depending on suspension, but otherwise they handle the same. The 1200s are MUCH lighter than the older 1150s! However, that is good and bad. Good in that it makes them easier to move about, bad in that the 1150s just seemed to ride better (smoother, like a big nice handling Caddy). But the 1200 has the giddy up factor over the 1150
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Re: Howdy from Oldie Newbie

Tim Kreitz
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