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John Lammarino

I found this on another board and thought I would share it with you in case any of you knew John Lammarino. I am posting this for a couple of reasons. First, like the original poster, I want to honor his memory (even though I didn't know him, he was a fellow rider) on this board. Second, as a reminder that we are mortal and that even if we're riding on a road that we've ridden 127 times, we should never take our safety for granted. We assume the risk when we fire up our two-wheeled beasts, so everyone please take a moment to remember what can happen and perhaps work to be more aware of road and traffic conditions.

Godspeed John.

From the site:

"It's with a sad heart that I post this sad news. Fellow ZRX rider, John Lammarino was lost this past Saturday riding the "Twisted Sisters" in the Texas hill country. John is from Livingston, Texas, and I do not know if he was a member of this board. I did not know him, and I did not go on this ride. I just felt compelled to honor his memory on this board.

Here is the quote off another board of what happened. It was posted by a good friend of mine who was on the ride w/his girlfriend as passenger (excuse his spelling):

Saturday morning while we were riding 336 for the second time in the weekend, one of the guys riding a ZX14 crashed his bike, he got some scratches and bruises, but over all he was ok. We waited for about an hour for a trailer to come and get his bike. After hes bike was loaded and the truck headed back to the camp site, as we were putting our helmets on we could hear another group of bikes approaching, as they enter the turn where we were 4 of the guys I was riding with got going, I waited until they pass me and then follow behind them (they were 3 bikes). I was going about 50 mph I wanted to just take it easy. I had Carey with me and I didn't feel the need to rush through the curbs. Not even a mile and half later as I enter a turn, I see two bikes down, and the guys infront of me pulling over to the side of the road. I did the same and hurry to the 1st bike on crash, the guy was shaking a little but he was ok, he was riding a K1200R BMW and he was wearing full gear. I ask if he was ok he said that he think so, he also said that the other guy hit the wall of rocks very hard and the he was in trouble. I went to check on him, as I approached, i recognized the bike. It was one of the guys I was riding with. He rode a ZRX1200R, I was the 1st one to get to him. He was in shock and I could see his body shaking. I talk to him but he was in an out, he could not breath so I lossen his helmet strap and ask him told him not to move. He was laying over some big rocks and with the help of another guy we got them from over him. I gave Carey my cell and thankfully it had signal so she was able to call 911. I went ahead and remove his helmet. We found his tank bag in the middle of the road ad we used it as a pillow. about 30 minutes went by and the 3 other guys return looking for us, one of them works at a hospital so he look at him. I was pretty shaken up from what was going on and just move aside. Ethan (the guy that works the hospital) kind of took over and he ask Carey to hold John's hand and ask her to talk to him,as he tried to asses the damage. By this time the state trooper show up and said that the ambulance was on its way. Ethan told the state trooper that John had a possible colapsed lung, a broken collar bone, and that when he moved his collar bone John could not feel it. That, that was an indication of serious internal damage. The state trooper calle it in and they dispatched a helicopter. Soon after than the ambulance show up, and the 4 woman that came out took a look at him, one attempted to cut his riding jacket while the other one was looking for a pulse. they manage to put him on their board but as they were doing that they said that he was going to die. (Carey told us this, she was still holding his hand). The paramedics ask us to load him on their ramp (not sure what that is called) Carey moved out of the way and 4 of us loaded him. I was next to his head and I didn't see hi breath. He was taken away and minutes later they said over the radio that the helicopter, had landed, however he died before they were able to transfer him from the ambulance to the helicopter. We also heard over the radio that he would be taken to Laikey for the JOP to declair time of death.

John was 59 years old, retired, a very good rider. I had the honor to meet him and talk to him the day before... some of us got pull over by a cop the day before and he was the 1st one to return looking for us and he took the heat for us and got us out of the ticket, Larry another guy from the group also went looking for us an got a mouth full from the cop as well. Larry is 60 years old, he was good friends with John.

The night before the accident John said that if anything happen to him, he had live his life the way he wanted and that he had done everything he ever wanted. He was retired and from what I heard lived an awesome life. He did over 1100 skydive jumps, toured in Europe for 10 years with a band, he loved to ride and owned a few bikes including a Busa. Next week he was going to be audissioning for a Jass band.

I can't help but to feel guilty for some of my actions. Should I have left the rocks under him, should I have not remove his helmet. At this point I don't know what to think. I was told that we would have died anyway. I hope I never have to make those desitions again, I hope you guys never have to go through anything like that. The houston group is very tight and I just want to say that I love you guys and hope we have many safe miles ahead of us.

Please ride safe...

Here are some pics:
John is the one with silver jacket and pants."
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Re: John Lammarino

I don't recognize his name and cannot find any user here that might have been him. I'm very sorry to hear this. Losing a riding friend is hard. It is a pointed reminder that even the experienced and geared up riders can have it all go wrong in a heartbeat...
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Re: John Lammarino

I don't recognize him, but I do recognize the Buell city X and AJ the owner in the photo. I'll have ask him more next time I see him.

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