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Old 01-05-2012, 06:22 PM   #1
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insuring an offroad dirtbike

after reading through all the forums about making my klx400r street legal i added lights, brake switches etc. and dairyland insurance told me my bike is "unacceptable" to insure after i gave them the vin. called my ins. agent and she said i have to take pics to send the ins. co. then they should insure it. is this normal? dont think i ever saw anything on here about insurance problems. maybe a good insurance reference?? thanks you'll in advance
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Re: insuring an offroad dirtbike

Progressive insured my non street legal XR without a glitch so I could green shhet and plate it.

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Progressive insured all of mine with no problem, no questions asked.

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Re: insuring an offroad dirtbike

Allstate insured all of mine without needing any photo's.. Was very easy and quite cheap!! Change insurance companies..

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I asked my insurance guy (allstate) about insuring my non street legal dirt bike against theft. He said it'd be no problem and would also include liability. It was very reasonable, but about then I got into my wreck and never got around to it.
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Re: insuring an offroad dirtbike

Dairyland just denied me on my CRF450x saying that stopped doing this over a year ago. Although I had another agent just 3 days earlier tell me they could do it.

I called Geico, they said no problem, got better coverage and lower premium.
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Re: insuring an offroad dirtbike

Interesting on the Dirt Bike issues. I'll have to keep this in mind concerning one bike I'm thinking about.

The following is sort of off topic, not dirt bike specific....might get rethreaded?

I have had insurance with different companies over the years with differing issues. First one I've had an issue with was State Farm. I have had State Farm since 1983 with my cars or trucks, but a motorcycle policy has always been a problem with them. If you have one citation in the last three years, they will deny insurance. The one time I did get insurance with State Farm and no citations on record, the quote was pretty much double over any other company. I still keep them for my truck, can't really get any cheaper for me by changing companies after nearly 30 years, but I will never waste my time or money with motorcycle insurance through them.

Had Dairyland for awhile with another bike back in the 90's. Main gripe was the closest agent was about 70 miles away and I lived in a community of 100K at the time, you'd think there would be at least one agent in the area?

Had a claim with them when someone ran a light and side-swiped my bike back in 98. The other party was at fault and the claim started to drag on. Dairyland told me I could file with them to get my bike fixed, but I would have to pay the 500 dollar deductable I had at the time. Then they would get my bike repaired. Waited four months with legal mumbo jumbo trying to get the other party's insurance to cover...finally gave in and had Dairyland cover it to get it repaired. Dairyland eventually refunded my deductable about a year after the initial accident! Took awhile to litigate the other party's insurance and get everything paid back to Dairyland. Geez...don't want to go through that again.

Currently I am using Progressive with four bikes, seems to be the best reasonable rates and they have better coverage for my accesseries. Minor gripe with them is the 15 mile towing limit. That didn't exactly get me out of Garner State Park a couple of years ago! Had AAA at least as a backup.

Farmers for a couple of years in the 80's, but don't have much to say one way or the other, mainly went with them at the time because I knew a local agent and they would cover me being under 25 with an 1100 V65 that other companies would not !

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Progressive insures my plated drz400e but it's like a separate policy. My KLR is $88 per year and and an S model would add another $16 but the E is another $88 per year.
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Old 01-06-2012, 08:22 AM   #9
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Re: insuring an offroad dirtbike

Oops, after I read my own comment I realized it was backwards.... Never mind..... need more coffee.

Life is short... Ride it hard.
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Re: insuring an offroad dirtbike

Try foremosrt. I have a plated klx400r,a klr 650 and a fz1 on the same policy for about a $140.00. It may be a little higher in a larger metro area. I also had progressive, the kept going up so I found Foremost, liability only on all 3 bikes.

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Re: insuring an offroad dirt bike

just got thru reading about RIDER DOWN, ME in the forum

now i am reading about troubles purchasing insurance for a, theoretically, street legal bike w/ a DIRT BIKE VIN

some of the responses have quoted insurance prices of less than $90

i am left wondering what coverage limits the responders are purchasing

since my INCIDENT, last february, i have been made painfully aware of the inadequacy of our state insurance requirements

since last january, anyone who renews a vehicle liability policy, in Texas, is required to have $30,000 minimum liability

$30,000 AINT ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in the 1st ten hours after my incident, i had used up way more than the state required minimum

& i spent the better part of a month in the hospital

my health insurance provider has had to pick up the balance & my share/deductible/out of pocket portion has been substantial

so, when you do get insurance, make sure you are getting adequate protection for yourself & your and your family's future

not just enough to meet the state requirements

that's just my take on the subject and i'm sure there will be several other opines, in short order...

shiny side up
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Re: insuring an offroad dirtbike

thanks for the replies fellow riders, i ended up going with foremost, they still needed the pics of the bike with the lights, thats fine, only took 10 minutes to take and send the pics. 76 for a year of liability. now, gonna move the roadking over to foremost also and see if i can get me a multibike discount. with dairyland i had my zx12 insured, then added the xr650l and they refunded me $9 and change for a multibike discount. maybe foremost will do the same.... thanks again for yall's help
P.S. i hope the weather is good for bastrop next weekend!!
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1999 Road King Classic
2001 XR650l (melted)
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Old 01-26-2012, 10:24 PM   #13
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Re: insuring an offroad dirtbike

I just insured my xrr with South&Western (whoever that is ? ) My wife works at SF and got insurance on both my bikes with someone else in town. She said SF way too high on bikes. My XRR is 116 a year for liability , comp, collision. y deductibles are 250-500.
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Old 01-26-2012, 11:39 PM   #14
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Re: insuring an offroad dirtbike

Progressive is awesome. Hassle-free insurance. Just paid for a full year on my XL600R. $79.
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Re: insuring an offroad dirtbike

My brother is a SF agent and will not insure his own motorcycle through SF. They are overly expensive and he uses Progressive. Electrified and I use Allstate.
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