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TWT Advertising/Spam Policy

Two Wheeled Texans Advertising/Spam Policy

The Intent of TWT's Advertising/Spam policy

The Two Wheeled Texans website is intended as a place for private individuals to come together to form friendships and share information with the rest of the riding community. We recognize that there are individuals who may work for, or own, a business that can offer valuable services or products to our members. We welcome these people as members. However, their primary purpose for posting in the forums should be to participate in the riding community as a fellow enthusiast and NOT just to troll for customers and/or to promote their business.

Things that are NOT allowed
  • Direct unsolicited contact of other users via the PM utility or by email through TWT for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate account deletion.
  • Starting a new thread to discuss your business in any forum other than the TWT Vendor Forum or in your own TWT Sponsor subforum.
  • You may NOT use your avatar as an advertising banner, unless you are also a paid TWT Advertiser
  • Excessive posts about your business in other people's threads.
Things that are allowed
  • Users may use their company name as a username.
  • Users may post links to their businesses in their signatures with contact information (address, phone number, and email), standard font size only. It can be in a color, but only ONE color for ALL of it.
  • Users may discuss their business in threads ONLY if it is relevant to the topic.
  • TWT Sponsors/Advertisers may submit events for placement on the TWT Calendar (subject to TWT approval).

Content should be motorcycle related: shops, gear, services, etc,... The TWT staff will have the final say on what constitutes spam. Violations may result in warnings and/or account removal if warranted.

A word about giving back to TWT

The Two Wheeled Texans forum is privately owned and is not a part of some larger company that covers our bills. Forums like TWT take a great deal of time and effort to manage. We do not charge for membership and as stated below, we allow users to share their business interests with our membership at no cost. We survive on donations from users and fees from our limited advertising banners and sponsors. If you post about your business here, please give some consideration to donating to the site to help support our efforts.

Two Wheeled Texans Advertising Policy

Advertising Options on TWT
  • TWT Vendor: TWT Vendors are registered users that have been granted access to the TWT Vendor usergroup. This allows them to start a new thread in the TWT Vendor forum. There is no charge for this, but users must request access. This is where the user can freely discuss their business with other users. Vendors will be put into a Vendor Usergroup so that other users may quickly and easily identify them as such so there is no confusion about who the other user may be talking to. "TWT Vendor" will be displayed under the username of each Vendor in all their posts.

  • TWT Site Sponsorhip: TWT Sponsors are registered users that have paid to have their own dedicated subforums. Sponsors will be put into a Sponsor Usergroup so that other users may quickly and easily identify them as such so there is no confusion about who the other user may be talking to. "TWT Site Sponsor" will be displayed under the username of each sponsor in all their posts. Active threads in sponsor forums will also be displayed on the website's main home page in the " Recent TWT Sponsor Threads" section.

    • Sponsors may reply to general questions regarding products or for technical information by users in other forum sections. In general, discussion of their business should be confined to their subforum as much as possible.
    • Sponsors WILL NOT get into arguments about business related matters with users in public. ALL such problems should be handled privately, NO EXCEPTIONS!
    • Sponsors are NOT general forum moderators and should not try to act as such in the course of any discussions on the site.

  • Banner advertising: Users may take advantage of TWT's banner advertising. However, TWT does not provide graphic art services at this time, so you must provide your own images.

    • Banners must be submitted for prior approval by Tourmeister
      • Banner image may be emailed to admin@twtex.com
      • User may provide link to image to be used
    • Banners will display in both the top and bottom locations
    • On every new page load, each of the four locations independently selects a random banner from the total pool of banners to display
    • Banners must be 325 wide by 75 high in JPG or GIF file format
    • Banners may not contain animation unless the entire banner image changes - each phase of the image must display at least 3 seconds
    • Banners may link to the advertisers website
    • Start of advertising period will be date that banner is posted
    • Banners may be changed at the beginning of each monthly term
    • TWT reserves the right to refuse advertising and/or links to sites at its discretion.

    It is required that an advertiser be a registered member on the TWT site. Payment may be done with PayPal or by mailing a check. The user will be added to the TWT Advertiser usergroup. This will allow the forum's built in subscription service to control the advertising duration. Near the end of each monthly term, an automated email will be sent out to remind the advertiser that the end of the term is approaching in case they are planning to make changes in the images or in their status as an advertiser before the start of the next monthly term.

    If you are interested, please contact Tourmeister at admin@twtex.com or by the PM service here on the site BEFORE you use the subscription service to pay.

  • Fees for commercial content:
    • Vendor is free
    • Sponsor
      • $25 (1 month)
      • $125 (6 months - one month free)
      • $250 (12 months - two months free)
    • Banner
      • $25 (two weeks)
      • $50 (1 month)
      • $250 (6 months - one month free)
      • $500 (12 months - two months free)

  • Refund Policy:
    • One month Sponsor/Banner term, or two week banner - There is no refund once the term has started.
    • Six or twelve month Sponsor/Banner terms - If the term is cancelled, all completed months will be billed at the full rates of $25/mo for Sponorship and $50/mo for banner advertising. This total will then be deducted from the amount paid. For example, if you cancel 7 months into a one year term for a combined Sponsor/Banner contract, the total will be 7 * $75 = $525. Thus the refund would be $750 - $525 = $225.
Acceptable Content of Ads and Posts
  • The content of all images used for banners or included within the body of posts must conform to the standards for the TWT site regarding the prohibition of sexually suggestive, vulgar, or crude imagery and language. The TWT staff will be the final arbiter of all disputes regarding image content and reserves the right to refuse submitted banner material and to pull offending material that may be found in the body of posts without prior notice.

  • Images used in banners may not be animated beyond having the ENTIRE image change to a new image. If such image rotation is employed, the minimum time per image display should be 3 seconds. Rapidly flashing imagery is not allowed!!
Complaints Regarding Commercial Activities on TWT

Any user should feel free to contact the TWT staff regarding perceived violations of the policies stated here. ALL complaints will be promptly investigated. Violations of TWT commercial policies may result in termination of Vendor, Sponsor and/or Banner advertising privileges at the discretion of the TWT site owner.

TWT reserves the right to modify this policy as needed.
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