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  1. Atoban

    SOLD 2019 BMW GS 1250 Style Exclusive

    Pristine condition with all the options, including BMW Navigator V, TFT display, phone integration, quickshift pro, etc. Added a few protective items (Touratech Headlight guard, Machine Art Moto mudsling), 1,800 miles of easy road riding, never abused or dropped. Remainder of BMW factor...
  2. Randman

    AUSTIN: 2016 BMW R 1200 GS with accessories $14,500

    Location: Leander TX Installed accessories: ROX pivoting Bar Risers SW-Motech lower crash bars SW-Motech upper crashbars SW-Motech On-Road Off-Road foot pegs with mounts Smoke windscreen Adapter for charging phone/accessories Kick stand extended size plate $21,200 Bike and close to a thousand...
  3. H

    2008 BMW R1200GS Factory LOW

    SOLD ADOPTION fee Reduced 2008 BMW 1200GS Factory LOW suspension Currently has only 24K miles on it. adoption fee requested is $8500 obo This GS is in very GOOD HEALTH, well equipped , well maintained, ready to ride anywhere. It's already been to the Arctic Circle and a few other trouble...
  4. ThomasM

    SOLD-doubletake mirrors

    SOLD Had these on my '07 GS. They worked great, but I seem to be getting along with the stock mirrors on my 14 GSA, so putting these up for sale. They're nearly new and in good shape. I think I had them on the bike about 6 months. http://www.doubletakemirror.com/build/components I have the...
  5. ThomasM

    Givi Airflow screen for '04-'09 1200GS

    This was on my 07 GS. I used it about 6 months before the bike's unfortunate demise. I liked it way better than the stock screen. It has a couple scratches and a scuff mark where my XM antenna sat below it. Otherwise it's in good shape and all the adjusters and hardware are fine. Here's the...
  6. ThomasM

    Zega Panniers

    These were on my 07 GS and they've been to Colorado a few times and have the evidence of squeezing through places that bike shouldn't have gone. (Can't wait to take the 14GSA there. :eek2:) They are the old school Zega cases. They are pretty worn and the left one is a bit out of shape so the lid...
  7. ThomasM

    Sold: Touratech Zega Pro Topcase and GSA mount

    This is the Zega Pro 38L topbox many of y'all have seen on my 2007 GS. Got the OEM ones with my 2014 GSA. I like the Zega Pro better, but since the OEMs are keyed alike, I'm going to stick with them. This is the Touratech site for this item...
  8. Viethorse

    ::: Vietnam Adventure - not quite, but it's somehow a new begining.

    Ok guys, you may know when I was in Texas, I was riding in the middle of a GS gang, it made me angry, you know... :rofl: :lol2: Then after flying home in Vietnam, I still riding with my lovely VFR and keep thinking of getting for me a GS to enjoy all all kind of terrains in Vietnam. That's...
  9. Viethorse

    Found - [WTB]: a cheap R1200GS !

    Hi guys. WTB a CHEAP 1200GS as my first trial of an oilhead boxer. It could be an old GS or even with cosmetic damaged, wrecked... or else... I don't mind working with kinds of fixing plastics, leather, outside mechanics, repaint... Prefer the bike ODO less than 60K miles. With title, no mater...