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  1. Thurmont

    BSB Racer's Motorcycle on Fire

    :angryfire :eek2: :angryfire Scary stuff but the BSB rider manages the situation well and appears to escape relatively unharmed... http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f35_1435406890
  2. Scorch

    Anyone have experience dealing with Insurance companies regarding accident?

    Yep, was in a multi-vehicle accident, not at fault. The driver who was at fault was clearly designated as such by the state trooper. He was driving a company truck. This occurred Tuesday (17th). I called his insurance and they said they would get back to me right away regarding alternate...
  3. padixo3225

    1st time lay down on Edwards Road..All ok

    Ok. I am still getting the hang of riding off the pavement. Just got new kicks for the Tiger 1050 and have been enjoying the new found spaces off the main roads. Today I was in and around Glen Rose on the lesser unpaved county roads. I was a happy man celebrating Father's Day as God...
  4. Thurmont

    Biker down on SH121 over I-35

    Been on my mind all day. Probably helps to get my mind wrapped around it if I type it out here... I was driving my wife and kids northbound on SH121 thru Lewisville Saturday morning around 11:30am. She's a photographer and had a family shoot in Plano but felt too tired to drive herself so me...
  5. Thurmont

    Rear-ended at a Euless light

    Rode to work today, weatherman said no rain last night. But this afternoon I watched closely as the rain got closer and closer to my route home. Didn’t look like it was going to hit here but on the way home it started to rain. I HATE riding in the rain even though it was just a drizzle. Just the...