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adventure riding

  1. aaronsrader

    Hi From Lumberton, Texas

    Hello All, I am new to riding and interested in Adventure riding. I just purchased a 2019 BMW G310 GS..
  2. E

    Back to getting dirty!

    I moved to San Antonio about 6 1/2 years ago. I have been riding (off and on) since I was 13 years old. I started by riding the foothills of the Angeles Crest mountains on an XR75 in the early '70's and later rode a Honda 125 street bike and Kawasaki KZ750. After a long hiatus from riding...
  3. mryo

    Welcome to Houston

    Hi y'all - I moved to Houston w my wife and kids 4 yrs ago. Learned abou adv bikes and riding about 6 months after the move when I was looking for a bike to commute to work on. Now I've been riding for 3 years on vstrom 650. I've been on one big ride at a Colorado training camp and done a bit of...
  4. KoryJ

    Changing tires and Jacks.

    I stumbled across a kickstand jack a wile back that looked great. Went to buy it and they were not making it due to manufacturing problems. Now I can't find it anyware. So I made my own, and it worked great. I have heard horror stories of trying to change tubes and tires, or laying the bike on...
  5. Snuggs0802

    My First Really Long Ride on a Really Big Adventure Bike

    As an avid reader of ride reports on this forum as well as ADV Rider, I’ve vicariously ridden to far-off places through the adventures of others. I never made a commitment to do such a ride myself. There were always excuses. Most recently however, I found myself a little short of excuses...