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  1. ramblin66

    FOUND: Shoulder and Elbow/Forearm Armor

    ETA: Found a set on another forum... Thanks for looking! :zen::zen: Picked up a nice Fieldsheer leather jacket, but the armor in it is laughable. Feels like heavy memory foam. I swapped the armor from my textile jacket, but if it rains (like nearly every day for the past 3 months...
  2. troyfromtexas

    Christmas in the middle of summer

    Last week Santa dropped off a few boxes at my front door full of farckles for my Dr650. Inside the boxes were... A Seats Concepts dual sport seat, A Pat Walsh Designs rear cargo rack, Protaper wide bar mounts, ProCycle bar extenders, Fly Racing tapered bar, Moose Racing quick turn throttle...
  3. Tracker

    Armored Air Jacket in Dallas news (CBS 11)