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big bend

  1. Trail Boss

    2021 Around the Bend: Mar 11-14

    Riders, Mark your calendars - the annual Around the Bend rally in Terlingua, TX is scheduled Thursday, March 11 - Sunday March 14, 2021. The 2021 version will likely follow the classic format we have used previously: arrive in Terlingua on Thursday, group dinner Thursday night, small group...
  2. JSeely

    Big Bend December

    I had to miss the Hill Country 500 and....being quite frustrated about that, started planning another dual sport trip in 2019. I am thinking the week of 16 December for a Big Bend trip. Anyone interested? I am good alone, with one other or 100 others. Just want to go challenge myself and get...
  3. crchristo

    Big Bend National Park - Overlay & GPS Tracks

    This might come in handy for some of you. I've been looking for a comprehensive set of GPS tracks covering all the legal roads in BBNP and have not been able to find one. I've also been looking for an official Geo-refererenced PDF map like many other national parks have, but; no luck. So, I...
  4. A

    Hello from Austin, TX

    Hi all, been lurking for a few weeks, love the site! I'm planning my first big adventure trip in a couple months to Big Bend National Park. I'll be riding my 2015 KLR650 up there along w/ some buddies travelling by car. We're actually going to camp for about 3-4 nights in the backcountry, and...
  5. darkksyde

    Going throught Del Rio to Big Bend...Is it Safe?

    Ok, so i have never been to big bend and My husband offered t take me. The only issue is that he is very uncomfortable going through Del Rio. My Question is... Is it Safe? or Should We Skip it and go further north?
  6. andyc740

    Union Bike Fest - Chihuahua, Chih, Mexico

    First part of October I went to see my neck doctor for my three-month checkup after my summer neck operation. He saw my riding jacket and asked what it was. "That's my riding jacket." "You've been riding again?" "Yes. I rode down here." "Have you been on any long rides lately...like San...
  7. P

    New Austin ADV Rider

    Hey Everyone, Just joined TWT and here's my requisite intro. I recently bought a 1200GS after riding every bit of asphalt I could find in the Alpine/Marfa/Big Bend area where I try to escape to 3-4 times per year on my R1200R. Ready to try some roads I haven't been on and have been enjoying...
  8. LtDan

    Dual Sport Bike Rental, Smoky Mountains and Big Bend Texas

    BIG BEND 2016 UPDATE This year again we'll be set up at the Big Bend Motor Inn at the intersection of Hwys. 170 and 118 in beautiful downtown Terlingua, or Study Butte, depending on who you talk to! Dates are January 22nd through March 18th so we'll be here during Uncle's Around the Bend ride...
  9. andyc740

    Good Times at the Big Bend Open Road Race

    Last weekend I rode out to the Big Bend Open Road Race (BBORR) in Ft. Stockton. I'm still working up the trip report, but I wanted to post a teaser. The trip report will likely get to be a long one, discussing open road racing, timing, my ride there and back and probably a few rabbit trails...
  10. Wes

    Wes's Big Bend Weekend Scouting Trip

    Well a few coworkers and I took off Saturday morning to ride to Big Bend for an overnight trip. This was intended as a scouting trip to check out whether we should return for a longer trip later. The ride started out cold but it wasn't bad till we reached Van Horn and started to see snow on...