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bmw f800gs

  1. R

    FS: 2014 BMW 800GS Adventure

    This bike has everything you want in an adventure bike except luggage. Including installed Garmin590; Clearwater Erika Aux Lights; heavy skid plate; upper crash bars; Givi Airflow windscreen; New Avon Trek Rider tires; Rox Risers; and more. Asking $9,900. Mileage is 12,600 and is a very nice...
  2. D

    Modifying Front Fender on F800GSA

    I posted what happened on the South of DFW thread, but I wanted to put this somewhere in case someone has the same issue. The question is if I am missing something (as in is it a bad idea) on what I am likely going to be doing. I was out on a ride last weekend, and for the second time found...
  3. Snuggs0802

    My First Really Long Ride on a Really Big Adventure Bike

    As an avid reader of ride reports on this forum as well as ADV Rider, I’ve vicariously ridden to far-off places through the adventures of others. I never made a commitment to do such a ride myself. There were always excuses. Most recently however, I found myself a little short of excuses...